California's Red HOV Sticker

California's Red HOV Sticker

My red HOV stickers just arrived, two small and to larger. I was surprised with the placement directions. The two larger stickers go on the rear of each quarter panel. The two smaller stickers go on the bottom right of the rear and the FRONT bumper.

The value of driving in the HOV lane in CA is huge given our traffic. But I was not planning on putting a sticker on my front bumper. Fortunately, the detailing shop out here is going to help me by putting them on a sheet of PPF first.

What are your thoughts?

laniac | October 25, 2018

Personally, I think it is a small price to pay for the privilege of using the carpool lane. I also happened to get a red M3 so the stickers blend in pretty well!

Magic 8 Ball | October 25, 2018

For my thoughts please read my manifesto.

As to what people are doing about attachment and placement of HOV stickers use:
to search the 20 or so carpool sticker threads. Every possible iteration has been discussed ad nauseam, already.

thorvund | October 25, 2018

@Ianiac Hardly noticeable on your M3, Maybe White was a poor color choice on my part! ;)

JPPTM | October 26, 2018

Front sticker is for cameras in the 'pay to play' lanes like on 680/580 as well as for CHP.

bradbomb | October 26, 2018

I bought the PPF stickers from RPM Tesla for my Red HOV Stickers and I've been happy with them. I didn't do any paint protection on the car at all, but I agree that California should have done a better system for something that expires. I've seen those old Prius that have the ripped Yellow stickers and it looks horrible.

jje | October 26, 2018

I did this myself using these instructions:
Bought the Xpel Ultimate on EBay.
Whole process was easy. Glad I did it. Should be easy to remove when the red stickers expire.

billstanton | October 26, 2018

Stupid question...weren't they made hard to remove because they were getting stolen? I just received mine but am procrastinating on installing a seemingly impossible to remove sticker that expires.

Xerogas | October 26, 2018

@billstanton: "I just received mine but am procrastinating on installing a seemingly impossible to remove sticker that expires."
Put on a piece of paint protection film first, then stick the decal to that.

RES IPSA | October 26, 2018

I am only putting two of the four stickers on my car next year... One on the back... one on the front. If CHP writes me a ticket, then fight it in traffic court (theory of legislative intent). 50% chance of winning... hopefully I would get a judge or commissioner with some Libertarian leanings.

Anyone know what color the stickers will be next year? I am hoping for light blue. Would look good on my pearl white paint

Chris365 | December 16, 2018

EV LICENSE PLATES IN CALIFORNIA PRETTY PLEASE!!! I live in CA, as many of us do. I would gladly pay more than the $22 sticker fee for a license plate that serves the same purpose and looks WAY better than these hideous stickers. Let’s write our state senators and assembly members and make it happen! Find yours here: This is a first world problem, for sure. But, the extra revenue from CA EV license plates could be used to tackle real world problems in CA.

RES IPSA | December 16, 2018

@Chris.... good idea, but then how would they have the right to enter HOV lanes expire? How would law enforcement be able to tell?

Passion2Fly | December 16, 2018

I only have two stickers on my car. definitely not the four... i had CHP pass me by on the hov lane several times... never got pulled over...

RES IPSA | December 16, 2018

I am only going to put two decals on as well.... One on back and one of the front right bumper