Calling all shorts, the Roadster is late!

Calling all shorts, the Roadster is late!

Back in 2015, according to , Musk said that there would be a new Roadster in four years. Now we are being told it will be out in 2020! That proves it. Tesla is a Ponzi scheme and will go bankrupt. Tesla can't do anything on time! The sky is falling and I suggest that people buy as many January 2020 $175 Puts as possible.

Plus, the Model 3 is a month behind schedule, not counting the original announcement that production may not start until the end of this year.

carlk | November 20, 2017

Thank you for reminding us of the history. This 1.9 second Roadster did not just jump out from nowhere. Seeds were sown long ago. Tesla is way ahead of everyone in the EV game.

Mel. | November 20, 2017

Haggy. +1
carik. +1

So far the doom and gloom crowd has not migrated

inconel | November 21, 2017

They are not very smart. They get fixated on one thing for a long time until the thing is no longer an issue then they get disappointed and move to the next seemingly (to them) impossible task and fixate on that. Before the Model 3 they were fixated on whether Tesla will meet the company own prediction of 100,000 S and X produced for 2017. That fixation is pretty much forgotten now.

brando | November 22, 2017

I suspect that Tesla has now made more cars than Ferrari. Took Ferrari about 70 years and Tesla about 10 years.
Time really is speeding up - what is it called? - internet time?
If we count passenger seats Tesla made more than double Ferraris passenger capacity. I'm sure Cramer/alpha ANALysts would point out Ferrari probably still wins the total revenue game (adjusted for inflation, of course).
interesting times

anyone heard from Red Sage in the last month?