Can damaged paint armor be repaired?

Can damaged paint armor be repaired?

I managed to scrape the front right fender of my Model S on the garage door today. After several minutes of expletives, I inspected the damage, cleaned the area as best I could, and found that the car paint itself seems to be okay. The paint armor, on the other hand, is scraped off in a few locations, with rather ragged edges. I guess it was doing its job. Can the armor be seamlessly repaired?

PatT | July 6, 2013

Yes. Usually they will just put new material on that fender. It shouldn't cost more than $50 - $100. Be sure and get more than one opinion and price.

ir | July 6, 2013

If you want the repair to be seamless, the entire panel must be replaced.

I had a similar encounter with my garage and the rear quarter panel. It cost me several hundred dollars, I was charged for the removal in addition to normal install fee. My heart skipped a few beats when the started taking pictures as they peeled the film. My garage left a small dent and they wanted to document it in case I blamed them. Good news is the paint is fine and the dent is almost invisible after the film was replaced.

Good luck.

nickjhowe | July 6, 2013

My installer was great - when I got mine done he said "first repair on me" - which I took advantage of when my garage door scraped the armor on the nose. Like @ir, you'll need to replace the armor panel for it to be seamless.

justineet | July 6, 2013

u guys sound like u need parking sensors on ur cars...........

olanmills | July 6, 2013

Most parking sensors wouldn't help you avoid scraping the side of the fenders.

This is a good reminder to be careful regarding the fenders. In my experience, they seem to stick out further to the sides than you would expect compared to other cars.

ir | July 7, 2013

@justineet, 360 cameras might have been more useful :P

Robert22 | July 7, 2013

Leave a good foot of space from each visible fender or you will scrape a pillar in a parking garage, it's only a matter of time.