Can you guys access the new blog - A Most Pecular Test Drive ?

Can you guys access the new blog - A Most Pecular Test Drive ?

I'm dying to see Elon's response

But I keep geeting an error message below when I try to view...

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teslaver | February 14, 2013


Among some other questions, I have the same question. Historically Elon has made himself extremely credible with facts/information over a period of time(my opinion) and Broder lost his reputation on many counts by the information in the blog. So I am leaning to believe that Model S may have had some juice & journey left.. even while on the tow truck. If the calls between Broder & TM rep are recorded & made would all make sense!

my 0.002 amps

Mark K | February 14, 2013


While Big Oil and Detroit probably aren't displeased with this article, if you dig, I think you'll find a "friend" of Broder with a massive short position.

Broder's tilt misprepresented the car very likely for one coldly simple reason: Money.

The likely culprit is a player in a hedge fund. They'd have enough to gain to "go big" with a NYT reporter, rather than merely a small-time blog.

Shorting a stock and then trashing it in the media is rampant. It is a highly destructive force in our society. All of us should push back.

NYT and SEC should look at who held the largest short positions, and look for links to Broder.

The stinker is in that heap.

GeirT | February 14, 2013

@Mark K,

Good point and upon reflection I think you are spot on. Follow the money is a good principle.

kenliles | February 14, 2013

interesting lack of coverage on CNBC who made a huge deal of this; Maybe a delayed reaction