Canadian Insurance Cost

Canadian Insurance Cost

Dear Canadian TMS Owners, i am curious as to how much they are charging to insurance this car, especially through ICBC (British Columbia where i live) which is known for outrageous cost compared to the rest of the country and unbelievably high VS USA..gtttt

can you list your insurrance options, driving record, etc ?

ps: also if you went financing, wich bank did you chose at what rate ?

deanes | March 27, 2013


Here in Manitoba we also have provincial car insurance. I have a good driving record and will be paying ~$1700 per year for MS85. This gives $200 deductible, $1M third party, and extra coverage based on me valuing the car at $100K. Check their website MPIC.

For comparison, I pay $1200 for my 2004 Sonota.

wolfpet | March 27, 2013

I'm also interested to learn about the insurance cost (Ontario).

dstiavnicky | March 27, 2013

I just picked up my car last week. Insured with TD $1,280 / year. $500 deductable, $1MM, rental coverage, etc.
Clean record, two other cars and a Harley on the same contract.

Interestingly, they din't care if it's P85 or 85.

dstiavnicky | March 27, 2013

Should have mentioned. I live in downtown Toronto.

Joules II | March 27, 2013

I'm in Burlington, Ontario, so the GTA.
I'm insured with Dominion, 5+ years claim free, multi-car family discount.
My Model S insurance is $1189.

stephen.kamichik | March 27, 2013

I am in Quebec with a clean driving record. Meloche is charging me $658.15 for BOTH my 1999 BMW 328i and my Tesla model S. I have to install a LOJACK in the Tesla model S.

kilimats | March 27, 2013

thanks for sharing everyone

surprise no one from BC posted yet

church70 | March 27, 2013

TD has a $5000 deductable on all cars over $100000 I am Insured with TD at $900 / year. $5000 deductable
$2MM, rental coverage, etc so $500 deductable ?

stephen.kamichik | March 27, 2013

I have $3000 deductible because the car is over $100,000.

Bradtc | March 27, 2013

ICBC is a huge rip off! My old car I was paying $1500 per year. Now ICBC is charging me $3100 per year including $600 for new car replacement insurance. Fortunately I only had a few months left on the policy, so I just paid the difference for now. But you better beleive I am going to shop around when it comes time to renew!

trevor58 | April 8, 2013

ICBC bent me over for $3700 with $3 mil third party, $500 collision, and new car replacement. Ridiculous! Came in handy, though, when some idiot hit her while parked on day 15 of life. Ouch.

BugSlayer | August 20, 2013

Just got a preliminary quote from CDI in BC for all of the extra coverage [$1000 ded collision, $2M third party liability, $5M excess liability, $300 ded comprehensive, new car replacement]...pending underwriter's approval...for $806.03 per annum. Good driving record, single driver, EV discount, etc. Won't count my chickens as CDI wouldn't insure my Lexus SC430 a decade ago.

Have not yet heard from ICBC what they want for the basic mandatory liability. Have my insurance broker looking into other insurers too [Family, etc.].

Christianjacques | August 21, 2013

from quebec TD insurance 385.00 for tesla s performance 2,000 deductable 2 years valeur a neuf. I have a audi A5 2013 and it cost me more for the audi. pretty good price

EJH | August 21, 2013

Ontario, P85, TD, $984.00 annually.