Canadian Tesla Model S owners

Canadian Tesla Model S owners

Canadian Model S owners:

Please share your experience when purchasing your Model S.
- Waiting time after order. I've read numerous times its 6 weeks in the States but was wondering if its the same in Canada?
- Freight fees. Cost?
- Has anyone leased through MVL Leasing?
- Anything else different in Canada compared to the American process?
- Also, is it possible to get a spoiler or the Grey 21" wheels if I don't purchase the Performance Plus model?

I'm from Vancouver and I am 90% sure I'm going to be purchasing a Model S. I am in the early stages of my research and planning on driving down to Bellevue Washington to test drive one this weekend! After reading all these great testimonials I'm confident the test drive will put me over the top. Thanks for your time!

Bane | July 29, 2013

I am in Vancouver. Took delivery in june. I believe it was 8 weeks from order date. I have grey p85+. When i got it, it was the only 85+ in western canada.

Ihave the spolier and gray rims. Most unreal car I have driven. I didnt test drive in bellevue because i knew i wanted the car. It is like driving a car from the future or sci fi movie.

Dont hesitate, just get it. I bought this car for me because i wanted the best car out there regardless of ICE or not.

Price is as stated on the site when you build the car. No extras. Just your tax. Tesla takes off the rebate berfore taxes and send all docs thru docsign. Supersmooth , super easy. Hope this helps.

nickjhowe | July 29, 2013

Do the Canadian cars have Slacker and TuneIn? Any differences to US cars other than units/language? I want to update my Model S delivery checklist and owners guide

Bradtc | July 29, 2013

Yes, Canadian cars have Slacker and TuneIn. They are fantastic. My only problem, is some local stations don't show up in TuneIn. But since they are local, it isn't a big deal.

I was charged $990 for delivery and $180 for prep. Everything else as per website. Took delivery March. Also in Vancouver. See you guys around town!

nickjhowe | July 29, 2013


pgeyer | July 29, 2013

I just took delivery of my Blue 85. It is truly a game changing car. Don't hesitate in buying one. All the features work just like the US cars. Don't go to the US to test drive, just call the Tesla service center on Powell st in Vancouver to arrange a test drive. Join the other 150 owners in BC. It only took me 4 weeks of from firming up my order to taking delivery,.

Benz | July 30, 2013

How many people in Canada have already got delivered their Tesla Model S? Or how many Tesla Model S EV's have already been registered in Canada up to now?

tobi_ger | July 30, 2013

2011-2013: 170 Model S
Total # of EVs: 3,300 (of which 65% are hybrids)

EJH | July 30, 2013

In mid-May, my red P-85 was the first red to arrive in Ontario, and was just under the 400th to be delivered in Canada.
My wait time was 8 months, but the owner of the black P85 that was delivered ahead of mine had only waited three months.
MVL is a great company to deal with( I dealt with Neema Sharifi)
We all know how fast and beautiful these cars are, but the energy cost is unbelievably low! My cottage round-trip costs $90.00 in the F-250, $40.00 in the Honda Accord, and $4.00 or $5.00 in the Model S. This is significant.

wolfpet | July 30, 2013

Confirmed on July 19, expected delivery "end of August". Waiting... ;-)

Mississauga, ON

Benz | July 30, 2013

@ tobi_ger

Thanks for the info.

Benz | July 30, 2013


How do you know that your Tesla Model S was just under the 400th to be delivered in Canada?

Benz | July 30, 2013

Isn't there a source in Canada that keeps track on how many of certain vehicles have been registered in a certain month or year?

EJH | July 30, 2013

@ Benz

The statistic came from the delivery specialist, and as the original number that I was given when I placed my order was 406,
I believe that his number is accurate.

Benz | July 30, 2013


Wikipedia mentions 170 Tesla Model s EV's (up to June 2013). Maybe somehow that number is incomplete. Strange

tobi_ger | July 30, 2013

Do you mean that your VIN or invoice ends with 406?

lissalovestesla | July 30, 2013

I confirmed my order July 23, expected delivery "end of August". I got the MC red P85+, in Saskatoon. I can hardly wait....

Curious to know if there are any other Tesla's in Saskatchewan....

Benz | July 30, 2013

Are there not any car sales statistics published in car magazines in Canada?

Jgdixon | July 30, 2013

Sorry to hijack this thread. If any of you are in Southern Ontario we have started an owner's club.
Check out our thread on TMC and PM me if you interested in knowing more.
BTW got my red Sig P85 in December. The car is so awesome that I just sold my Porsche 911S because it just doesn't compare. I have heard numbers around 400 as well for what it's worth.

EJH | July 30, 2013


My VIN is 9532, but when I made my initial reservation in August or September 2012, my Tesla page showed my reservation number and another designation number(the 406) which was my Canadian reservation number.

You will have the absolute finest car in Saskatchewan, without a doubt. The car is a beast!

attar | July 30, 2013

Confirm the order mid Feb. And got the car on 14th April vin 8826. I saw few 60,s and 85,s at display on Powell St. Vancouver first time and sat in one that was in Feb.2013. When I picked up mine ask the sales person, he said that we are delivering 10 to 15 every week. Drove all the way to Calgary and back no problem. So I think they are more than 400 in Canada. Hopefully we will have supercharger in North Vancouver soon.

Benz | July 31, 2013

@ attar

Thanks for the info.

shop | July 31, 2013

Anyone know if there is any progress being made on a supercharger in Kingston? Or anywhere else in Canada for that matter?

EJH | July 31, 2013

As far as Ontario goes, the plan is for a Supercharger in Kingston, London and Yorkdale by the end of this year.

lissalovestesla | August 1, 2013

I have an update on the delivery of my MC red P85+. I confirmed my order last week, July 23. Today I got an email from my delivery specialist stating it will be ready for pick up at the Vancouver location on August 26. I am getting it delivered to my house though, as Vancouver is a long way from Saskatoon....

I can hardly believe it!

wolfpet | August 1, 2013

@lissalovestesla Wow that's much faster than mine! Confirmed on July 19th and haven't yet got a firm date, just "End of August"

lissalovestesla | August 1, 2013

@wolfpet What specs did you get? Nothing worse than waiting....

TMCproud | September 4, 2013

Order confirmed Aug 25, expected delivery late september. My status changed yesterday from Tesla sourcing parts to "factory is building your model S". Am in Montreal, P85 silver and black.

Any others from Montreal? Interested cause my DS has yet to contact me...

wolfpet | September 4, 2013

@lissalovestesla I know! But the good news is that I'm picking it up tomorrow (fingers crossed). S85/Black/19"/Twin+HPWC/Tech

DCA2013 | September 4, 2013


I am from the Montreal area.

Confirmed mid August, and booked my delivery date on Sept 28th through Tesla Owner Experience.

My status changed from "sourcing parts..." to "factory is building your model S" Yesterday.

Waiting for further contact. Expecting next step to be receiving documents to be signed through email.

Captain_Zap | September 4, 2013


Are you the one that stopped and chated with a Red Signature Model S at Burlington a short time after your test drive? If so, I thought I would say hello and offer my congratulations on your decision to pull the trigger. It was nice to see that e-mail before our vacation.

Be sure to check out the forums at Tesla Motors Clubs too. There is a lot of good regional information there.

TMCproud | September 5, 2013

@DCA2013 tks for the info. How did you contact "Tesla Owner Experience"?

kenneth.chapman | September 5, 2013

Confirmed on July 19th
S85, grey, 21", pano, tech, sound
Delivery scheduled for sept 9th, this Monday. Hoping to see wolfpet around KW soon in his :)

DCA2013 | September 5, 2013

@hanleym14 I called 1-877-77TESLA (1-877-778-3751). Cheers!

Khalid | November 9, 2013


For the people who dealt with MVL, how much are we talking about in terms of monthly payments? Could someone please provide an example of a lease term, Model S options, and monthly payments?

Although I'm currently leasing a car that costs 1/2 of the price of the Model S, I don't mind going with an expensive Tesla because it's the only car that makes sense in my opinion.


Luclyluciano | November 10, 2013

I had contacted MVL about leading. The payments are about the same as financing payments.

dstiavnicky | November 10, 2013

Best thing about the car in Canada is that we pay very little for electricity (6.7 cents kWh) compared to anywhere else. The US ranges from 35 cents to as low as 11...

I'm easily saving $400 / month over gas.

ZRO CO2 | February 4, 2014

Delivery times have expanded significantly. Confirmed Order 22nd Jan Delivery now set for March 26th. Will be a long wait.

sule | February 4, 2014

I ordered Dec 30 and *chose* to get the car in March. Posted delivery date is now March 24.

This is Toronto - car will be delivered to the Lawrence location, I live in Markham.

Rob C | February 5, 2014

I ordered Jan 5th and am looking at a March 24 delivery to Windsor.

plusplusjames | February 5, 2014

J'en ai commandé le 23 janvier et le colis est prévu le 28 mars!

sule | February 5, 2014

@RobC I have some friends in Windsor that I regularly visit. Still thinking how/where to charge and whether to get the dryer extension cord to charge at their house...

brach21 | February 5, 2014

Hello I ordered on December 16, 2013 blue p85 The best delivery time available to me was late February

Jewsh | February 5, 2014

Hehe, we put a deposit down last June the 26th and got the car on March 18th last year.

Agreed about the cheap hydro - I am saving mad cash.

Rob C | February 6, 2014

@sule There is also a public charging station at the Outlet Mall, just as you are approaching the city.

If our schedules align, I am installing a HPWC that you are welcomed to use.

Tanchico | February 6, 2014

Same saving here (west of Toronto). about $8 a week for hydro down from $90 / wk for ICE. And now I'm off the 407 toll and onto HOV. Another $135 / mo.

TJJH | February 10, 2014

Has anybody had issues with cold weather affecting the vehicle? I'm looking to buy in Saskatchewan but question whether it can handle half a year of winter.

shop | February 10, 2014

The car can handle even a Saskatchewan winter - there are many stories of Model S owners in Norway, even above the arctic circle. Range, of course, is affected, but the Model S is the best of all electrics as far as cold weather range reduction is concerned. Range isn't permanently reduce - just extra energy is used in very cold weather to heat the battery and occupants.

sule | February 10, 2014

@RobC: Thank you! I am installing an HPWC as well. If you need it, let me know. My conundrum is also where to charge on the way to there, would like a "fast food lunch break" for both passengers and the car (Supercharger) :)

Brian H | February 12, 2014

Also, the tires lose pressure (about 1 psi/10°F) and need to be adjusted to full psi at ambient temps before setting out. But you knew that already from your ICE, right? (Soft tires reduce range and magnify wear).

mskinner | February 28, 2014

I have just ordered my 85p are there any charging stations we can use on the 400 series highways in Ontario?