Cant pair my phone

Cant pair my phone


I got my car 2 days ago, I just can't believe a car would make me that happy. Its awesome.

But... everything worked well until I tried to pair my phone, I ave a galaxy note 2, I also try it with my wife's a Galaxy S3. In both cases the phone finds the tesla model S, while the tesla Screen keeps showing "searching" if I try to click on the tesla icon on the screen it will try to link for a couple seconds and then will pop up a message saying that it couldn't be done.

I call but they weren't able to help me, does anyone now how to fix this?

I tried rebooting both the phone and the screen, it did nothing



stevenmaifert | March 24, 2013

I have a Galaxy S3 and had no trouble pairing. From the home screen, go to menu>setting>Bluetooth and make sure there is no check in the box that says "Only visible to paired devices" and then touch scan.

luisscola4 | March 24, 2013

Yes. Thats how im doing it and doesnt work. Im going crazy

hademarco | March 24, 2013

Might want to give the following a try: I had problems at first pairing my iPhone. Try resetting the computer by pressing down both scroll wheels on the steering wheel until the screen goes blank. Once the computer comes back on, I was able to pair.

swysechoice | March 24, 2013

Surprised the reboot did not work. I had to reboot to get XM radio to show id #

tesla | June 4, 2013

I'm having the same problem. Galaxy S3 sees the car; car doesn't see the S3. No check in the "only visible to paired devices" box, and rebooting the car didn't help.

Any other ideas? Can Tesla service help?

Brian H | June 4, 2013

Do the pairing from the touchscreen, not the phone.

tesla | June 5, 2013

I had the same problem, now fixed. The difficulty is actually on the S3 side.

When you turn bluetooth on, the first item is "My device" and then it's got "only visible to paired devices" and a (generally unchecked) checkbox. So if you're like me, you think that since the box is unchecked, the phone is discoverable.

But if you check the box, it changes the status to "visible to all nearby Bluetooth devices (2:00)" and *now* it's discoverable. But it's only discoverable for 2:00, so it's best if you get the Model S to start searching for the phone, and then do this.

I did this and it worked just fine.

tandkrlarson | June 9, 2013

We're a little slow at this, but we have Samsung vs Tesla problems as well. The first five to six weeks with the car our Samsung
Rugby II cell-phone functioned well by bluetooth. However, with no changes made, by our hands, the cell-phone started to go through the 're-start' procedure and then the car 'disconected' from the phone. Then the car would re-connect, then cell-phone would 're-start' and then 'disconect' again, over and over. I did the 're-boot a few times,but no help. We went to the Tesla service center in San Rafael where Matt checked it out, did another 're-boot' and said the problem is in the phone. We went to a tech at the AT&T cell-phone center and he said the problem is in the car. . . It may be just coincident, but this change seemed to happen at about the time we received the 'update' from Tesla which added the "Schedule Charging" feature. We don't use the phone in the car (bluetooth) often so it is difficult to know exactly when this change occurred, however, this is quite frustrating. . . What can I do, now (other than getting a real 'smart-phone'.???

Thomas19 | June 9, 2013


I don't post here often, however I also have the Rugby II phone and experienced the exact same scenario: bluetooth worked fine up until the delayed charging update then after the update the Rugby phone would continue to reboot when trying to pair. Exactly what is happening with your phone. Contacted Tesla service and they concluded it was the phone.

Like you, I don't need a smart phone. Fortunately there is a solution. Samsung makes a Rugby III which is an updated version of the Rugby II. Same exact form factor: clam shell and no data plan required. It has a longer battery and talk time. The AT&T store carries them $99 if you are eligible for an upgrade. The store I went to price matched Costco's $49 upgrade price.

The Samsung Ruby III phone now pairs perfectly. The AT&T store also let me try the Rugby III before purchase to make sure it did work. Best of luck.