Cant Purchase Autopilot

Cant Purchase Autopilot

Hi All,

I bought a used 2015 Tesla Model S 70D a couple of months ago and its currently equipped with V1 hardware but the original owner didn't purchase Autopilot with the Autosteer Beta. for the past couple of months, I've contacted Tesla to see why I couldn't purchase the autopilot software after delivery and they keep telling me that I should be able to through the website or through my car. However, I've never seen the option to purchase. Has anyone else had a problem with trying to purchase autopilot after taking delivery? I definitely want it more than ever because of the discounted price for AP. I'm hoping I'm not the only one with V1 hardware that wanted AP after purchase. I hope someone can help. Thanks!

Ohmster | March 11, 2019

Make an appointment at a Service Center if you have one nearby. Bring it in. See what the guys at the shop say.

Seems like you’ve tried everything else.

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EVRider | March 12, 2019

Where are you looking for the option on your My Tesla account? You have to click the Manage link, then under Shop click Autopilot Options.