Can't wake up my Model S using my smart phoneS

Can't wake up my Model S using my smart phoneS

I am away from home and my model S, I have tried to check the charge on the MS, but I can't because it won't wake up. Does anyone have any suggestions on how I can get it to wake up using my smart phone?

lilbean | December 4, 2018

That’s happened to my X. It went into a deep sleep and the only way to wake it was by pressing the brake.

luke | December 5, 2018

I have this issue regularly. Sometimes it's due to the car randomly going into a deep sleep that takes a considerable amount of time or a reset to come back from. Otherwise, it's the weak WiFi antenna in the car that can't seem to get more than a weak connection to a strong router about 15 ft away. It doesn't move over to LTE either. It just holds the WiFi connection that it can't seem to get bandwidth from.

murphyS90D | December 5, 2018

When the car is sleeping it isn't listening to WiFi. If the AT&T cell phone signal is weak where the car is parked it may not be possible to wake it up.

EVRider | December 5, 2018

It’s best not to check on the car when you’re away, since if it does wake up you’ll use more charge than you would if you left it alone.

Dlkepler | December 6, 2018

Not only do I lose contact with my S randomly while away, I now see that it stops recharging itself when it stops responding, as best I can tell. (I now have online access to my home electricity usage so I can see the bump at 4 am every 3 days or so when it charges back to the level selected). I thought by not communicating with the car it wouldn’t “lock up” but it is still stopped charging last week, and refuses to communicate with me now. Sometimes it’s ok for a month, this time it only recharged for 10 days before going back to sleep. I have to have my neighbor go and manually wake it up. This happened last spring with great WiFi, and is happening now with only a cell signal. Serious software defect if you’re going to leave it parked for a while, even plugged in as Tesla insists... this defect MUST be fixed.

EVRider | December 6, 2018

@Dlkepler: Are you saying your car doesn’t charge when it needs to? How can you determine the state of charge if you can’t access the car from the app? Is it possible the inconsistent charging is due to fluctuating temperature where the car is parked?

Dlkepler | December 6, 2018

Yes, it appears to go to sleep and NOT charge when it should. The way I know the “state of charge” is decaying is by seeing that the car is not drawing anything from the house that it is plugged into for two weeks. I know the car loses about 3-4 miles per day from vampire drain and it generally recharges to 200 mi range (I have it set at 60% max) after dropping to about 190 mi every 3 days or so. If it suddenly is not drawing any power from the house for two weeks it is not charging. Then I check and can’t connect....

hammer @OR-US | December 6, 2018

I'm in Maui now, I'll go check on your car for you. I'll even drive it to make sure it's still working correctly ;)

tes-s | December 7, 2018

Our MS gets very upset if we go on vacation and don't take it along. Maybe yours is simply giving you the cold shoulder and ignoring the app.

EVRider | December 7, 2018

@Dlkepler: I think you should have Tesla Service check your car. There are many things that can interfere with connecting to your car from the app, but it should be charging when plugged in no matter what.

Dlkepler | December 7, 2018

EVRider, I agree. Just got off the phone with Tesla support. They lost contact at about the same time I did. The best they can recommend is delete and reinstall the app (makes no sense to me if they cannot contact the car either) and/or reset it manually (that’s what I’ve had done the last two times this happened but I’m tired of bugging my neighbors, I want it fixed!)... I’m going to let it sit a bit longer then have my neighbor reset it. At that point I will be able to verify that it has not been charging too - but I’m already 95% sure based on the last two times this happened, and based on my online utility report showing no spikes at the scheduled 4am charge time for the last 8 days... one minor benefit to it going into what appears to be “deep sleep” is much lower vampire drain (it appeared to lose less than a mile per day vs 3-4 when awake and connected... maybe no more extra long trips without my favorite car.

gothmog2 | December 8, 2018

"Always connected" no longer seems to be an option on AP2 cars with Firmware 2018.42.3

Changed my 2015 AP1 Model S 70D with Version 8 software for a 2018 AP2 Model S 75D with version 9 at the beginning of November (I lease my cars on a 3 year lease). For five days I had both cars in front of the house, before the old car was collected by the lease company.,

The new car goes to sleep overnight, and won't wake up in the morning unless I physically go out and open a door. Opening the boot from the house via keyfob doesn't suffice. Until it's woken up, I get a "vehicle connection error" and can't turn on heating etc remotely.

It's not down to my phone, or the app, or the location of the car because I retained the ability to turn on the heating in the AP1 car - it stayed "always connected". This is no longer an option in the new car with v 9 software.

... irritating. Presume it will get fixed. Is there a list somewhere of stuff to get fixed I can have this added to?

EVRider | December 8, 2018

@gothmog2: The “always connected” option was removed for cars with MCU2 because in theory it isn’t needed for that hardware. Cars with the older MCU still have the “always connected” option. I think this change happened even before V9 was released.

gothmog2 | December 9, 2018

Thanks EVRider. Wasn't sure if it was a hardware or software issue.

Either way ... well, I guess theory sucks! It sure is needed as an option for MCU2 cars based on my experience.