Captcha code, if that is what it is called, doesn't work

Captcha code, if that is what it is called, doesn't work

I keep making mistakes and it keeps publishing my posts. Either I am a really special guy or they take pity on the mentally challenged or they screwed it up.
Take your pick.

vandacca | November 6, 2014

georgehawley, I think Tesla heard you. They appear to have removed captchas (at least for me).

vandacca | November 6, 2014

Correction. It appears to be back. I think after supplying the captcha, you may be free to post for a certain period of time before being offered a new captcha. | November 6, 2014

I feel so blessed.:-)

Aargh, the catcha thingy just popped up | November 6, 2014

I put in a 100% wrong entry and it was ignored. Silly system.

Red Sage ca us | November 7, 2014


Nope. CAPTCHA appears every time and insists that at least 4 of 5 characters are correct. Meh.

vandacca | November 11, 2014

I think I've figured out when the captchas are presented. You are presented a captcha only when you have certain HTML tags in your post, especially ones that references other URLs or images.

ian | November 11, 2014

I've been getting it for each and every post the last few days.

ian | November 11, 2014

Except that one apparently.

Red Sage ca us | November 11, 2014

Apparently a company called 'Mollom' is resonsible for the security features of these forums. | November 12, 2014

For one thing caps are ignored. Just type letters and numbers and it works every time.

ian | November 12, 2014

After posting in this thread yesterday, I haven't had to do the capcha dance since! Yay!

Brian H | November 12, 2014

I almost never get captchas, even with several links. You do because you have been fingered as spam threats. >:[

vandacca | November 13, 2014

Hmmm. Maybe you get presented a captcha if there is a grammar or spelling mistake in your post. :-P

NumberOne | November 13, 2014

I think the whole point of the 'CAPTCHA' is simply authentication. Even if it does not work, a spam bot is not going to try to enter the code, en will just keep getting rejected. I do not post all that much, and got it only once. Of course I do not have the time to try incorrect codes to see if they work, so I am not going to give you an opinion on that. | November 13, 2014

@Leonard: What are you? A grownup or something? :-))

PhillyGal | November 20, 2014

I got one yesterday when posting a pic and just now with a super basic 3 word reply | November 20, 2014

Don't see it any more. I have developed captcha immunity, I guess

ian | November 21, 2014

As have I it seems. Poor Red Sage seems to be getting all our Captcha's!