Car cover feedback?

Car cover feedback?

Has anyone bought a car cover for outdoors? I'd like to get an aftermarket one that is a custom tight fit to the car and has pockets for the mirrors. I know Tesla has one for $400 but looking at other options.

David59 | March 14, 2013

The Tesla car cover is amazing. The lining, the stitching, the fit, all top quality and well worth the $400. My only hesitation with using it is the fear that someone might steal it as a souvenir.

kilimats | March 14, 2013

i wouldnt use a car cover outside, it's a magnet for thieves....

It's mainly used for indoor if you have too many cars to drive and if you are a wax/reflex ion addict

JoeFee | March 14, 2013

I have the outdoor cover and I love it! Best one I have ever used. I bought the outdoor cover even though it is used indoor 99% of the time….that way, it is good for the rare outdoor use as well.

DonS | March 14, 2013

Unless you are going to wash the car and immediately cover it, forget about covers. The small scratches from dust will leave the finish with tons of swirls within a few months.

If you insist on covering, note that the Model S covers have some mesh areas to let air flow through for the battery temperature control.