Car & Driver Race: Model S vs. Model T

Car & Driver Race: Model S vs. Model T

I just got the new issue of C&D and they stage a race between a P85 and a 1915 Model T from Detroit to the Tesla Science Center on Long Island, NY. Pretty neat idea and a fun read. The route was 719 miles for the P85 and 765 miles for the T because it could not use the interstate due to limited max speed. The P85 had to make 2 stops for HPWC charging (I guess that is redundant) of 5 hours each using its dual chargers. The T had several maintenance problems that led to several short stops along the way. The S won by about an hour.

My only complaint is that the basis for the story is that the S is barely better than a 100 year old car for long distance travel. And we all know that is not true. They barely mention the Supercharger network in the story. Therefore, your casual reader is going to conclude that the S is still not a practical car for everyone. Had they waited a few months for the Superchargers to complete that same route then there would be no story. The S would have beaten the T by 8 hours or so.

cfOH | January 6, 2014

But then they'd have to work so much harder to be sensationalistic. | January 6, 2014

The article was nice to point out that the Model S ride was quite comfortable, while the Model T was not a fun ride (unheated, no seat belts, scary at speed, etc.). Anyway, an entertaining read even if a bit of a silly race.

Webcrawler | January 6, 2014


The Model T changed the world.......

The Model S is changing the world....

The comparison It is a HUGE complement....

nwdiver93 | January 6, 2014

"The comparison It is a HUGE complement...."

Their intent is not... highlights how entrenched the troglodytes are.

Fred | January 8, 2014

I am that "Tesla owner/driver" and I will say it was a great experience.

muleferg | January 21, 2014

Congrats to you Fred. I enjoyed yhe article and I agree with webcrawler.

sbalexander | January 22, 2014

They modified the Model T so that it could go 40% above its stock top speed. They drove the Tesla 40% below its top speed. And they didn't use super chargers, adding 6 unnecessary hours to Tesla's driving time.

Then they have the audacity to call it a close race and imply that in terms of convenience the Tesla is a 100 year step backwards.

Absurd anti-electric car propaganda.

I'm surprised the automotive media didn't blame Paul Walker's fiery death on a Tesla since gasoline cars apparently never catch on fire.

Pungoteague_Dave | January 23, 2014

It was fine article, had no agenda except for those looking for one, and did not poke fun at the Model S even once. Stop being so sensitive...

wmfoster2001 | February 4, 2014

I thought it was a great read. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Can't say I'd want to travel at 60mph in a Model T ever though, I wonder what C&D's lawyers would have had to say if there had been an injury. Still funny to read what they went through.

The final page about comraderie within the EV community was a nice touch.

2013 Tesla Model S vs 1915 Ford Model T

Car t man | February 5, 2014

Thanks for the link. Nice and entertaining article..

Brian H | February 5, 2014

Obviously a fake Model T. It was red.