Car just went dead

Car just went dead

I took my car in today to get some (minor) things fixed. Met one of the faithful owners who had to get towed when his car just went dead. Everything else electrical in the car was working. Well he picked up his repaired MS today. Telsa had to replace the motor. A search of these forums shows that this has happened to others ( dead car). I have not lost my faith this something we as owners should be concerned about? And no I am not a troll....what ever that is....and I checked this guy for an extra set of balls, fingers and eyes and he is clean so I know he is not a troll either....

andrigtmiller | July 19, 2013

I do not think the motor going bad should me a general problem that owners should be worried about. This should be an anomaly, based on what I know of the motors design.

Bamboo8 | July 19, 2013

Sorry I have limited details.... the car had 3K on the clock.

NKYTA | July 19, 2013

I've been reading these forums for awhile; I think this is the first where an actual motor was replaced.

"Dead car" was usually caused by a bad 12V battery - Tesla had an issue with poor quality from a supplier (outsourcing to another supplier).

rwang | July 19, 2013

My battery did go dead. No explanation as to why. It was replaced but not fun being stranded in the middle of an intersectin.

Haven't heard of engines going dead. Interesting.

lolachampcar | July 20, 2013

Watch the Musk Teslalive video when he talks about the few issues that appear when you start building 500 cars a week. The company acknowledges that some things are bound to make it out the new car door and they are committed to constantly improving quality. You can tell that Elon himself feels the pain of every one of these incidents (or he is an incredibly good actor - which does not seem to be in his nature). I do not think you will see that from GM, Ford, BMW, or any other major's CEO.

There will be issues when you produce a lot of things (statistically speaking) so, for me, it becomes an issue of how they are handled. A P85 loaner and prompt attention to the problem is all I would ask and it seems Tesla is doing all of that. Yes, they are selling their loaners thus putting a strain on their availability but I have always thought they needed a bit of stock on hand thus I prefer this approach for Tesla's sake (even if it means I get a crap loaner for a few days).

Check back with the owner having the issue and ask him/her if they still want the car and if they would buy MS again. You will probably get your answer.

Bamboo8 | July 20, 2013

Yeh I got this piece of crap jaguar ICE as a loaner. Wasn't happy about that. But you're right every car in mass production no matter how expensive will have problems and so far Elon has been exemplary...

Mathew98 | July 20, 2013

@Bamboo8 - Did you freely get makeup in the loaner Jag yet? Not from yourself, of course...

Bamboo8 | July 20, 2013

An ICE attracts no make up Mathew98. Haha