Car not reading FOB well after 5.8 update

Car not reading FOB well after 5.8 update

My wife's Model S that was just delivered in September was in service for a few delivery fixes last week and she drove mine for those couple days. She remarked to me that my door handles reacted to my FOB much better than her car. I wasn't quite buying it, thinking her FOB gets buried in her purse behind levels of stuff and that was probably the culprit. So when we got her car back, I put the FOB in my pocket and approached her car. Nothing. The auto present handles didn't open until I touched the handle. So I tried it again from a different angle. Same result. I then put my FOB in my pocket and approached my car and bingo... handles opened as I approached. We asked about it at the service center and were told that some FOBs react differently and we were okay with that.

But this morning, after I updated to the new 5.8, my handles wouldn't open until I touched them physically. I tried it again and as I walked between the two cars in the garage, nothing. In the past, just walking by my car would activate the handles.

Anyone out there notice a similar issue?

NKYTA | November 19, 2013

Not see that on 5.8, no.

Maybe try a new battery for your fobs?

NKYTA | November 19, 2013


olanmills | November 19, 2013

I have 5.8 and I haven't noticed this problem.

This might seem dumb, but you didn't mention it. Did you check and make sure that the auto-present handles are actually enabled in the settings menu? Maybe the update reset some of your settings somehow?

When I got the 5.8 update, my car's suspension lowered from Very High to Normal, which I confirmed by looking at the Controls screen. I didn't notice at first and scraped my car on my driveway leaving that morning. | November 20, 2013

I noticed the first time I approached the car right after completing the download (5.8) the fob did not unlock the car (auto present handles) . I opened the car using by double clicking the roof area of the fob. Since then I have had no problems with auto present or unlocking the car.

Brit.l.T | November 20, 2013

We just completed the download and I had another odd experience. Walked up to the car and the handles retracted. As I reached out the handles then suddenly retracted back in. Nearly got my hubby's fingers. I was chalking it up as weird but maybe there is a little glitch....

sriramv | November 20, 2013

I noticed the same problem today after the 5.8 update yesterday

ssarker | November 20, 2013

Car did not unlock and present handles as I walked by it like all other mornings. Actually, said "fob not in car" (or something like that) after 2 minutes of driving.

Brian H | November 20, 2013

The handles retract with a mild spring. Proven not to hurt a baby's fingers.