Car was 140 degrees

Car was 140 degrees

it turns out that if sentry mode is on, automatic cooling is turned off | April 21, 2019

Makes sense. Sentry mode pumps about 300W of heat into the cabin while on (and consumes a mile of range per hour). Add the extra cooling and you might consume 2-3 miles per hour.

jimglas | April 21, 2019

too bad, I dont think I will be using sentry mode much during the summer

EVRider | April 21, 2019

@TeslaTap: Why does Sentry Mode pump 300W of heat into the cabin?

SCCRENDO | April 21, 2019

I use sentry mode most of the time. The one time it turned into a potential issue was at Mammoth when temps dropped down to the low 30s my car had 100 miles left at night. By 10 the next morning I got notified it got turned off by the car and I was down to 60 miles.

kaffine | April 21, 2019


That is how much power the electronics take to run Sentry mode. Although I thought the computer was water cooled but I'm not sure on that.

EVRider | April 22, 2019

Does using the dashcam while driving use that much power? If not, why does Sentry Mode use so much? It seems excessive for what Sentry Mode does.

jdeskins | April 22, 2019

@EVRider - The dashcam is primarily just a camera recording to disk. I believe with Sentry Mode, the computer is running in order to analyze all the feeds from the cameras using artificial intelligence to determine potential threats. The analyzing of the video uses a lot of resources. | April 22, 2019

To expand on the heat/wattage - the AP processor is used to process the camera input. It has to be active to process the dashcam video. In one sense it's mass overkill as as simple dashcam takes less than 5W. The dasham feature was a bonus with the HW2.5 hardware, but at the cost of running the entire AP processor, which takes between 250 and 300W. On the S/X it is air cooled, and the cabin air is used for cooling. On the Model 3, it is liquid cooled. On the Model 3 I don't know if they run the HVAC periodically to keep it cool or just the coolant pump - it may depend how hot it gets.

There is hope that the HW3 design took the dashcam into consideration and perhaps turns off at least one of the redundant processors, saving 100W or so. It may even have a low-power mode (i.e. slower clock) to further reduce the power requirements. HW3 is in production on all new cars now, so we should know more in a few weeks as they get into owner's hands.

EVRider | April 22, 2019

Thanks @TeslaTap and @jdeskins. I wonder how well the “threat detection” logic works — for example, how well does Sentry Mode distinguish between someone getting into or out of a car parked next to you vs. someone looking inside your car?