Car Washes

Car Washes

I know the owner's manual says to use only a touchless automatic car wash. I'm having a hard time finding one of those that is convenient for me. How critical is that requirement? Has anyone actually seen damage caused by a car wash with foam brushes? I'll keep looking but if anyone can share some more background on this requirement it would be greatly appreciated!

lilbean | December 21, 2018

Yes. Every car wash, hand wash, touchless, brush will install micro scratches. I always wash it myself using the proper methods I learned from the Junkman videos.

mathwhiz | December 21, 2018

Much less so touchless.

jcon | December 21, 2018

I should clarify - I live in Minnesota and have 4 little kids. The car needs a wash every 3-4 days with the weather and I have no time to do that myself at home. So... how much difference is it going to make to use a touch vs. touchless wash?

Howrayg | December 25, 2018

I have a 2016 75X. Until recently, I have only gone to a brushless robotic car wash or used Chemical Guys waterless car wash and have done it myself. I have now found a carwash in my neighborhood which uses soft brushes and does a good job. I cannot see any micro scratches. Merry Christmas!

jcon | December 26, 2018

Thanks! I finally found a nearby touchless and it did a pretty good job. I am also going to ask the local service department too next time I go and will post if they share anything interesting.

packpike | December 27, 2018

I got my MX and MS fully wrapped so that we can run them in the wash (whichever kind) as needed. Unlimited monthly washes for $20 is really nice during pollen season. The only downside being when someone in front of you stops and the machine pushes you into them. Really wish they didn’t have a trailer hitch (which they’ve probably never used).

anthony.carmichael | December 28, 2018

I did not think in the owners manual they meant don't go to the brush car wash because of the potential of getting scratches. I think they meant potential of causing damage to external cameras and sensors around the car. If I can not find a touch-less car wash I usually can find Hand Car Washes in my area.

lilbean | December 28, 2018

When the car first came out, the car wash ripped the spoiler off an X.
Get some exercise and wash it yourself. You could even do a waterless wash in your garage.
I know some don’t want to because of the filthy snow. It’s possible though. Automatic car washes were invented in 1961.

ddolapsakis | December 29, 2018

Just to be on the safe side, I only hand wash my car on my own. However, I always wondered hiw you would put an MX through an automated car wash. Do you put in Neutral? After you exit the car, will it not shut off and go into Park mode? I m really weary about putting such an automated/sophisticated car through an automated car wash. Any advice?

lilbean | December 29, 2018

My advice? Don't do it. :)