Car wrap with 2 colors (2-tone)

Car wrap with 2 colors (2-tone)

I read the multiple threads on doing a wrap for Model S and wonder if in addition to the paint protection benefit (or changing the car color) anyone considered to introduce a different color (vinyl) on part of the car to create a 2-tone effect. If anyone did, would you share pictures? Thanks.

skulleyb | May 15, 2013

The Vinyl wrap will give some protection and is for looks too.
But if you want the maximum protection for your paint the way to go is urethane wraps like xpel or suntek. I got the full front end of my car done with Xpel. Looks great and has great protection.
Is self healing as well with 10 year warranty.

amir | May 15, 2013

I think 3M has both clear and colored films allowing you to mix another color. Any issue with that? (i read a lot about xpel vs. 3M and other vendors and concluded that while xpel may be best, each wrapper has his favorite material and you should let them use what they are comfortable with).

BYT | May 15, 2013, checkout:

For mods of the two tone Vinyl variety, specific threads of interest are:

Al & Ed's: Dr Taras' Model S gets customized!

or my favorite mod:

amir | May 15, 2013

Thanks. Very helpful.

bobrode | May 15, 2013

I had clear wrap on the front of my Porsche and will never do that again. Had a guy back into me and it basically doubled the cost of repair ( he didn't leave a note) so I had to pay full boat.

olanmills | May 16, 2013

@bobrode why did it double the cost of your repair? Did the wrap make your car more difficult and costly to repair, or are you saying it was double because you had to pay for both the car repair and a re-wrap of the front? If it's the latter, I mean, that doesn't take into consideration that for the certain duration of time, the wrap provided the benefit of protecting you from rock chips, hiding minor paint flaws, and making the front easier to clean.

Unique Auto Films | May 16, 2013

Car wrapped Tesla from gloss black to pearl white.

d1 | October 2, 2014

I could assist with a car wrap if you need help [URL=""][/URL]

d1 | October 2, 2014

I could assist with a car wrap if you need help