Cargo net for 5 seater and rear center armrest/console

Cargo net for 5 seater and rear center armrest/console

We got our X in June and love it but there is one thing we miss from our old SUV and one thing our elderly parents miss in the back.

The first is a cargo net - specifically, we had a envelope style cargo net (vertical) in the back of our Toyota which we used constantly. I realize that isn't something that the X supports but I have seen cargo nets that go to all 4 hooks on the floor in the rear. Thing is, I can't seem to find one for the 5 seat, only 6 and 7. Has anyone found a good net solution for the 5 seat?

The second is an arm rest for the back. Our elderly parents who ride in the back love the car but are constantly leaning to the middle to talk to us in the front. This isn't that comfortable for them and because they are putting their hands in the middle, the rear middle seat belt indicator is constantly showing that someone isn't buckled in which is really annoying. To fix the seat belt indicator, I leave the middle rear seat belt constantly buckled but it would be better to have something like this:
Anyone find a solution for a rear armrest in the back of the 5 seat X?

Thanks for the help!

neilschreiner | October 29, 2017

Anyone know where I can get a cargo net for the 5 seat X?

elvnga | October 29, 2017

I tend to put items down in the well so they don't fly all over the back. Evannex does not make a well organizer for the 5 seat configuration. I think an organizer in the well would serve much the same function of a cargo net that does not have good connection points. I would also like a shallow organizer for the forward well to store rarely used items (like the shade) because what ever you but there just falls back into the deeper well. Only 5 seaters have that shallow well.

I miss the big cargo net divider behind the 2nd row in my old MDX. That kept the dogs safe and secure in the back. It also kept claws of the leather.

I also put groceries in the frunk most of the time. The Model 3 has hooks in the frunk to hang plastic bags on. That would be nice, and would keep me from having to refill the grocery bags on getting home.

neilschreiner | October 31, 2017

I agree the hooks in the trunk of the 3 are pretty awesome and would help a lot with my problem. I have a collapsible set of bins that also work as a cooler stored in my frunk along with some cleaning supplies.

Still for larger items I would really like a cargo net for the trunk

bob | November 4, 2017

@elvnga rpmtesla has a trunk organizer. Not sure if they have anything specifically for the 5 seater?

Saxman | November 5, 2017

Regarding the 5-seater, has anyone found an ALL WEATHER floor mat for the second row? Have not seen it yet on Weather Tech or anyone else.

Winter, is coming!

lilbean | November 5, 2017

Go to the drop down, 2nd option down to select 5 seater.

Saxman | November 5, 2017

You are ALWAYS on it!!

Thanks again for being YOU!!!

Saxman | November 5, 2017

And thanks for making your 2nd Post IDIOT-PROOF (for MY benefit)


lilbean | November 5, 2017

Haha! Thank you, Saxman. You’re welcome! :o)

neilschreiner | November 6, 2017

@Saxman, I have the winter front mats from Tesla and they are just OK. The fit isn't exactly perfect and the label on them seem a little cheap. Also its not that flexible so getting them in and out of the car can be a pain.
I went searching for a different set in the rear and found this which I feel is better quality and will do better when trapping water, ice, sow, slush.. all the winter fun stuff.

neilschreiner | November 6, 2017

I will say though that those rear mats did have a strong rubber smell for about a week but after that it went away

neilschreiner | November 12, 2017

I found a cargo net for the 5 seat here:

I spoke to the guy that runs the site and the trick he figured out was that the long strips have clips that hook on to the rear seat legs. I bought one and I'll update on how it works

Grizzly18 | November 15, 2017

Amazon has 3D Maxpider front floor mats for $151, cheaper than the Weather Tech that Tesla sells. Also you tube reviews from people with both say the 3D Maxpider are better. I have a set on order.

Triggerplz | November 15, 2017

Saxman weather tech now has the mats these are for the 2016 6 seater but u can edit it to your MX

neilschreiner | November 28, 2017

Hi all - Just following up on this post. I got a cargo net for the 5 seat fromformytesla .com and it's working out pretty well. Check it out here: imgur. com/gallery /kfrPo

Model - X | November 28, 2017

I wish someone would make mud flaps.

PeterCarter | January 11, 2018

We leased our car ( in September and faced similar problems. Our parents are not comfortable in the rear seats. But as a whole the car pleases

neilschreiner | June 22, 2018

I just discovered that Evannex now makes a rear console for the Model X! It's a bit pricey but it has straps to hold it in place which should work really well. I think I'm going to give it a try

evannex. com/products/rear-center-console-for-tesla-model-x-5-seat

parvat_98 | November 24, 2018

How good is this after market arm rest (for 2nd row bench seat) for 5 seat configuration model X. I'm wondering about three things below.

a) how well the custom made arm rest blends nicely into the actual interior color
b) how easy is it to install (how long does it take)
c) how easy is it to remove when I have 3 people in 2nd row (how long does it take)

marqdow | December 30, 2018

@ par at_98. Three years ago bought a beige Rear Center Console for my S85 from Tesla; pricier than EVannex but better looking but AFAIK no longer available from Tesla; traded in my S for X received three weeks ago kept console looks just fine with Cream interior AND Light Bulb Moment — just strap it in with center seat belt over bin but under cover with button on sear belt exposed.