Cargo space of Model S beats several mini-vans

Cargo space of Model S beats several mini-vans

From a dad who is carting around kids I'm so happy for this fact: Model S has more cargo space than the Grand Caravan, Nissan Quest and Kia Sedona. And nearly as much as the Honda Odyssey and Toyota Sienna. This is truly amazing while being nearly 2000 lbs lighter! Not to mention that a fully loaded Odyssey/Sienna is nearly $48K and gets ~19MPG.

33 and 6050=
25.7 and 5818 =
32.2 and ???? =
38.4 and 5677 =
39.1 and ???? =

Yeah, the auto opening/closing sliding rear doors are nice, but c'mon, I'm going to be rolling up to baseball and football games in a Model f'ing S! Sweet!

Mycroft | October 23, 2011

Correction, you're going to be silently rolling up in an f'ing freakin Model D. :D

Mycroft | October 23, 2011

er S lol

Brian H | October 25, 2011

But maybe you should wait for the X:

"The new crossover will feature even more innovative packaging solutions than the seven-seat Model S, including third-row seating capable of comfortably accommodating seven full-size adults, and it will be a fully specced luxury vehicle."


Brian H | October 25, 2011

I wonder if there will be a Sport X? A 4.5 crossover would be something to behold!!

Robert.Boston | October 25, 2011

I wouldn't count on the Model X matching the Model S performance specs. The same drive train, but:

Drag will higher: both Cd and A will undoubtedly be higher;
Weight will be higher.

No such thing as a free lunch! If you're lucky the Sport Model X will match the (non-Sport) Model S.

ride525 | November 12, 2011

Discoducky, the Model S does not have more cargo space than the minivans you listed.

I've seen the Model S in person, and it does have a TON of cargo space, perhaps the most for a sedan. But more than a minivan? No way.

For instance the numbers you quoted for Toyota Sienna of 39.1 cu.ft., but that is with all seven seats up. With all seats down on the Sienna, the cargo space is 150 cu. ft. And even if you have "seven" in the Model S, with two children in the rear, there certainly is not more than 39 cu.ft. of cargo space left over.

Discoducky | November 12, 2011

With seats down you are correct. My numbers are for seats up. I put the numbers in the post.

I really don't care about what the cargo space is with the seats down as the car will always be full of people.

I've got a pretty big list of people wanting a ride already.

Also, I have big items delivered as it's usually free, but since I'll have a roof rack it might come in handy in a pinch.

ride525 | November 12, 2011

Well, with seats up the minivans can seat seven passengers. If you put seven the Model S, then all five minivans have more cargo space. (The Model S, with two children in the back, isn't left with much.)

So, lets put five in the minivans, five in the Model S. The vans win again, easily. And with two passengers in each, the minivans win again.

Even if you put seven passengers in the minivans, and just five in the Model S, two of the minivans have 38 or 39 cu. ft. with seven passengers. Which is more than the 36.8 cu.ft. that one other poster listed for the Model S. (What are you using for the Model S cargo space?)

The Model S does have an amazing amount of cargo space, I've seen it both in front and rear! But not more than a minivan with the same number of passengers.

Discoducky | November 12, 2011

Sorry, since you haven't been posting long help me out here with thinking you are not a troll as I don't think you actually read the do you know how much cargo space is left with 7 passengers again? And yes, I get it, seats flat, mini-vans bigger, that's not what I'm talking about.

Here is the location of the spec:

While it doesn't say in one sentence that there is 36.8cf with 7 passengers it is somewhat implied by the header of the "by the numbers" section where it says: 5+2, 4 USB and 36.8cf.

Also, did you see where I say "nearly as much as" for the other Mini-vans?

ride525 | November 12, 2011

Discoducky, Thanks for the link, perhaps the info that Tesla reports is a bit misleading.

There is 8.1 Cu. Ft. up front. So that would mean 28.7 cu. ft. in back. I've seen the Model S, and there is no way that is with 2 child passengers in the back. The 36.8 cu.ft. cargo space is with 5 passengers, 2 in front, 3 in back seat, and no children.

In fact I think I was told that if you have the child seat option installed, that it takes up some of the available cu.ft. So, if this is true, the available cu.ft. with the two child seats folded down would be somewhat less than if you purchased the Model S without the child seat option with 36.8 cu. ft.)

Here is a picture of the child seat option, I think one can see there is not anywhere near 38.7 cu. ft. if there are two children sitting there.

ride525 | November 12, 2011

Oops....referring to the picture of the child seat option, I think one can see there not anywhere near 28.7 cu. ft. of available cargo space if there are two children sitting there.

So, the 36.8 cu. ft. of cargo space certainly has to be with five passengers, not with two children in the very back.

But again, after seeing the Model S in person, I was amazed at the huge amount of cargo space there is available. In fact it is close (just 3 cu.ft. shy) to my Lexus RX (smallest of three Lexus SUVs) with five passengers. And the Model S is just 14 cu.ft. short of my Lexus RX with rear seat folded down in two passenger mode.

Mycroft | November 13, 2011

I think a much more realistic comparison is with a station wagon. The sloped roof takes away some of the space you would have with a wagon, but the frunk more than makes up for it.

Robert.Boston | November 13, 2011

Not all cubic feet are created equal. SUVs have a lot of vertical sq ft, which isn't nearly as useful for my usual packing needs as the more horizontal storage in a wagon, or the Model S. On the other hand, the divided storage (frunk / trunk) of the Model S also reduces the utility of the storage space for many purposes.

Still, compared to any sedan on the market, the Model S has amazing storage space.

Mycroft | November 13, 2011

RB, I agree 100%. The sloped roof takes a lot away. Those who need that height and the additional storage will have to wait for the Model X.

danm | June 26, 2014

Has anyone attempted to calculate approximate cargo capacity of the MX based on the photos/concept car rollout? I'm talking total number with back seat down and no 3d seat installed, including frunk. 80 cubic feet seem about right?

Iowa92x | June 26, 2014

OP, please stop exaggerating the numbers, makes you look silly. Tesla S more space than an Odyssey, haha!

DTsea | June 26, 2014

Only bad thing is I have to park farther from ball games in my model s- to avoid foul balls! Whereas in the minivan I didn't care.

david.baird | June 26, 2014

My Model S has 70% of the cargo space compared with my previous Volvo XC90 - this is with 5 seats in use. Personally I think that's pretty awesome.

tes-s | June 26, 2014

Cute post, but just not accurate.

According to Edmunds:

Tesla Models S seats 5 and has 26cuft cargo space with all seats in place, and 63cuft max cargo space.

Dodge Grand Caravan seats 7 and has 33cuft cargo space with all seats in place, and 144cuft max cargo space.

But stats are not everything. I brought my son home from college in the MS without folding the seats down. I brought my daughter home in the Sienna minivan with the seats removed and barely squeezed everything in. So perhaps that means the MS really does have more cargo space?

Iowa92x | June 26, 2014

Tes, that comfirms your daughter has more junk. :-)