Central Ohio/Ohio Tesla Owners: EV event/Ohio Tesla Motor Club Meeting

Central Ohio/Ohio Tesla Owners: EV event/Ohio Tesla Motor Club Meeting

Hello All,

I have posted about this on several previous threads but as the date draws near I am looking to organize and consolidate. Since getting my 60 I have become involved with Green Energy Ohio, a non-profit focusing on promoting green energy and providing resources. Every year they host an event featuring EV technology. Last year the Volt was the hot item! The CEO has taken a ride in my 60 and is blown away. He has asked for my help in organizing the event and wants to feature The Tesla S very prominently. The event is May 17-18. The Event itself will prove workshops and lecture and many aspects of green energy on both days but two events in particular pertain to members of this forum.

May 17 5-7pm: Networking event with exhibits, sponsors, volunteers, brief speakers, EV Cruise In. This will be held a the Dublin Golf club. There has been talk about an inaugural meeting of the Ohio Tesla Owners Club but little inertia. This will be a great chance for us to finally meet and swap stories and experiences as well as answer questions from real green energy enthusiasts.

May 18 1-5pm: EV showcase ride and drive. This will be held at Dublin Jerome High School and is part of a larger green energy event. This aspect will feature a variety of EVs and it would be great if Tesla had the strongest showing. It is open to the public and will provide an opportunity for people to see the S up close and allow people to take a ride along on a short course.

For those that have already expressed interest I will be emailing soon to coordinate and find out which events you are interested in participating in. I will also cross post this on the Ohio Tesla Facebook page. If you are interested in one or both of these events please respond to this posting or email me at the above address. I am looking forward to meeting you!


mw | April 8, 2013

Email sent, look forward to hearing from you soon.