Chademo Adapter charging issues

Chademo Adapter charging issues


I got a Chademo to Tesla adapter and I went to use it today for the first time on my 2014 Tesla Model S 60, but no luck...

There is a "GreenLots" Chademo charger by my work that is ALWAYS empty and it only costs $0.18/kWh, so I figured I could try to use that through the week to keep my electric bill at home lower and use Superchargers whenever I can too.

I setup an account, put a debt card on file (and I tried a credit card too). I plug the Chademo into the adapter, plug that into the car, press the start charging button on the machine. The charging port flashes blue for a second then it turns red. On the charging station it says, check vehicle ignition, vehicle not ready for a charge....

I tried every possible combination of this process to no avail...

any pointers?

There is another Chademo charger on my way home from work that I was going to try to make sure it not the station that is having issues, or the adapter.


GHammer | August 3, 2018

Is your 60 supercharger enabled? It needs to be in order to use CHAdeMO.

seanmmvi | August 3, 2018

I just got the car a couple weeks ago, I bought it used from the original owner. I don't think they ever used the supercharging network, when I went to use a supercharger for the first time It wouldn't work. I called roadside assistance and they said supercharging hadn't been enabled yet.
I'm waiting for the new registration paperwork to come in the mail with my name on it so I can setup my tesla account.

tes-s | August 3, 2018

I think supercharging has a one-time fee of $2500, and you get unlimited use at no additional charge.

seanmmvi | August 3, 2018

I thought all cars that were built prior to October 2016 were grandfathered in with unlimited supercharging!

murphyS90D | August 3, 2018

Only the cars that came from the factory with supercharging enabled are grandfathered. The 60 was a special case where supercharging was an option. All 85s came with supercharging enabled.

seanmmvi | August 3, 2018

So if the previous owner didn't get the super charging option, I have zero access to superchargers? Not even at a paid rate per kWh, and I can't use my Chademo adapter with regular chargers?

Bill_75D | August 3, 2018

Correct. It does seem dishonest of the original owner not to have explained that to you.

GHammer | August 3, 2018

Yup, the original 60's were a special case where Supercharging was optional and cost an additional $2500 to activate. This applies to CHAdeMO also, although I believe Tesla will activate for CHAdeMO only for a lesser fee.

GHammer | August 3, 2018

The bottom of the CHAdeMO adapter order page:
"Note: A vehicle software update must be performed at the service center if Supercharging is not enabled."

donandrews508 | August 3, 2018

Wow, that means there is something in the Tesla CHAdeMO adapter that communicates with the great Tesla mothership in the cloud! (via the car of course). Did not expect that! The adapter must make the charger look like a Supercharger in some sense. An expert's description of how this works would be interesting.

JayInJapan | August 3, 2018

The restriction is in the car.

Yodrak. | August 3, 2018

CHAdeMO, like Tesla superchargers, are DC current direct to the traction battery bypassing the car's charger (AC to DC converter). So whether its a supercharger or a CHAdeMO, the electric current uses the same circuitry in the car. If that circuitry is not enabled neither charging system will be able to charge the battery.

tes-s | August 4, 2018

"So if the previous owner didn't get the super charging option, I have zero access to superchargers? Not even at a paid rate per kWh, and I can't use my Chademo adapter with regular chargers?"

Correct - unless the option is purchased from Tesla. Just like you don't have a power liftgate unless that option was purchased. Unlike the power liftgate, you are fortunate that supercharging can be added after purchase.

Bill | August 4, 2018

seanmmvi, tes-s is only correct in that Chademo charging will not work if supercharging has not enabled. All Model S, E Xs have always and will always be able to charge at Tesla Superchargers. The additional supercharging setting by service centers will enable Chademo charging and In some older models, additionally fast charging at Tesla Supercharging stations.

Bill | August 4, 2018

Has anyone confirmed that the US spec Chademo Tesla charger adapter below has worked in Europe Chademo stations with US spec Model S's? Or has a Tesla engineer confirmed it will work over the pond? Below is a link to one of these puppies:
It says, "This adapter is specifically for the North American and Japanese versions of Model S or Model X. A separate adapter is required for European vehicles." So this is clear there's a different one is required for Europe but it does not say, "You will be able to charge your US car at Chademo charging stations in Europe when supercharging has been enabled."
So far I've only found opinions that are like mine which is, "It's a global standard so it should work." And other uninformed opinions like, "I don't think so because of the 50-60Hz grid differences" even though we're talking about DC vs. AC current. I have my car being shipped to Europe on Tuesday and just discovered Tesla Supercharging Stations in Europe are not compatible with US Spec teslas. I'm aware of the SIM card, music, and navigation not working over there as well. The trip would be quite doable with this Chademo charging option. However without it, the majority of our two month trek would be spent in parking lots charging at 10-30 MPH. :)

Many thanks in advance!

murphyS90D | August 4, 2018

The Chademo adapter plugs into the Tesla charging connector. The Tesla charging connector in the USA is not the same as the one in Europe. A USA Chademo adapter would not be able to connect to a European car. The Chademo connector at the other end of the adapter is the same worldwide. I would expect a USA car with a USA Chademo adapter to be able to charge anywhere in the world that has Chademo stations.

European superchargers are not compatible with USA cars because of the different charging connector on European superchargers. It also might not work if the car can't connect to a Tesla server. I do not know if that connection is a requirement for Chademo.

You might be able to set up a wireless access point for the car to use to connect to a server.

Bill | August 4, 2018

Thanks murphy for your time to respond. However my better phrased question is, "Has anyone confirmed or has a Tesla Engineer confirmed that the American spec ChaDeMo Tesla charger adapter has worked in European ChaDeMo stations with an American spec Model S'? if not I'll need to cancel my plan to ship my American Tesla to Europe on Tuesday.

I have an American made Model S. It has the firmware upgrade necessary for ChaDeMo to work. I could buy the American ChaDeMo charger adapter from Tesla. I just want to know if I ship both of these things to Europe that they will work in European ChaDeMo stations?


tes-s | August 4, 2018

I think you are asking in the wrong place. How about asking Tesla?

CHAdeMO is a global standard and I would be confident it would work, but I'm not the one shipping my Tesla.

I'd have so many other concerns that I would not spend the money to ship a Tesla there.

JayInJapan | August 5, 2018

This question comes up a lot on the Japanese forums as well. Best advice is to rent a car for short term or get a CPO/used car for longer term. Otherwise, you’re going to be driving a shell of an unsupported car with loads of features nerfed to nothing. cf. You You Xue

Rocky_H | August 6, 2018

It’s a little funny so many people calling the 60’s a “special case”. For a few years, they were the “standard case”. For 2012 through 2014, there were the 60 and 85 kWh batteries. The 60 came without Supercharging, and the 85 came with it. When the 70 kWh replaced the 60 kWh version, they made a lot of optional things standard, including Supercharging, which was surprising at the time and made the 70 a great value.

seanmmvi | August 13, 2018

Last night I was driving back from San Diego, but didn't have enough charge to make it home. I stopped at a Supercharger, called road side assistance, they gave me a 24 hour "demo" of supercharging so I could get home.
This morning, I tried to use the Chademo charging station by my work. Since I was still in the 24 hour demo period, the chademo adapter and charging station worked!
You need supercharging enabled to use chademo charging stations, confirmed.