Charge port issue Excellent service

Charge port issue Excellent service

I bought a Tesla Model S 85 KWh model about a month ago but had intermittent problem opening charge port from the touch screen or from the charging cable. I had to use a credit card to open intermittently. I called Tesla and they wanted me to bring it for adjustments. I live about 200 miles from Phoenix. I was flying out the day I took it for servicing. They tried to arrange a taxi to drop me at the airport and the taxi company was giving grief so the Assistant manager came and dropped me at the airport. All the staff were very friendly and helpful.

They charged the car to max and dropped it in the airport 4 days later - the day I was returning back to phoenix. There are 2 Blink charging stations at Terminal 2, 3 & 4. They parked it at the parking lot and hooked to the charging station.

I was very happy with the servicing.

Brian H | May 12, 2013

Hard to imagine anything more they could have done.