Charging 4 tesla at home daily ?

Charging 4 tesla at home daily ?

Anyone have any experience thoughts suggestions on charging 4 tesla at home daily night ?
Currently we r charging 2 daily nightly and barely making it at 40 amps split over the 2 hpwc talking to each other inside the garage
The next 2 m3 will have to park outside!!
Home cannot accomodate more than 40 amps for charging

bernard.holbrook | May 31, 2017

A solution is to call your power provider and ask for a larger service. Here in Canada, a good service is 120/240 Volts, 200 amps. The service size, normally in amps, is normally (but not always) the rating of your electrical panel. If your panel is under 200 amps, it is fairly easy to upgrade to a larger panel AND/or service; the service upgrade to 200 amps is ABOUT $5K and the new panel is an additional couple of grand.

The panel is the box and breakers that distributes the power into the home. The service is (basically) the gauge (size) of the wire from the pole on the street to your panel; the bigger the wire, the more power it can carry.

If you are already at 200 amps, it is possible to go higher but the cost jumps and it is likely that you will be interviewed by your local police force as to why you need such a large service.

This is not do-it-yourself stuff. Call an electrician.

eeb9 | May 31, 2017

A possible alternative is to charge on alternate days. If you can go two days within your range limits, this could work.

vp09 | May 31, 2017

We have two and at 10 pm tonight one will start charging for 13c per kWh. We have two Nema 15-40 outlets. 240 volts, 50 amps. Have only used one so far in a year.

You are not giving us much to go on-- how much do you drive? I haven't driven anywhere in about a week so I don't have any issue with sharing one outlet with the wife. When I do drive to work, it is 3 miles.

Rajkrishnan9 | June 1, 2017

Thnx the 2 S 70rwd and X 75 drive over a 100 miles a day we return home at about 50 miles left though
The 2 3s may drive less than 50 miles on most days do perhaps we can manage without all the costly upgrades

Mozart | June 1, 2017

Plug 3 of them into 120 volt plugs

ReD eXiLe ms us | June 1, 2017

byrned: +420!

ir | June 1, 2017

Caution if anybody is considering chaining multiple HPWCs using the load sharing feature. A plugged-in NON-CHARGING Tesla reserves a minimum of 6A from the circuit.

So with 4 HPWCs sharing 40A, the most 1 car will get is 22A (40 - 3x6).

This is a limitation of the J1772 protocol, that a station cannot advertise 0A capacity. Even if it could, the attached car would never start charging, never giving the other HPWCs a chance to redistribute their power.

Bighorn | June 1, 2017

Can't imagine all 4 cars would need to be charged every night. How many miles do the 4 cars traverse per day?

Bluesday Afternoon | June 1, 2017

Ask Tesla to put a Supercharger in your driveway and then give us your address.

Seriously, you have all kinds of options. Add solar panels or Tesla roof to help accommodate your charging needs and cut down on your energy charges. As already mentioned, alternate charging days on the two less driven cars. Get an electrician to see what other options you have before the other two cars arrive. If you live by a Supercharger then do an occasional charge. I could go on...

msmith55 | June 5, 2017

If you have electric dry or stove use that circuit breaker to share additional HPWC. Just coordinate use!