Charging a Fiat 500e with a Tesla Wall Connector

Charging a Fiat 500e with a Tesla Wall Connector

The wife and I are getting a Fiat 500e next month and a Tesla Model 3 next year. I'm shopping for EVSEs. I'd like to get two Tesla Wall Connectors and use one for each car, but the "official" word from Tesla is that I shouldn't be using a Wall Connector with a Fiat. Why? They won't say. My understanding is that so long as the voltage isn't off, the car will draw what it needs and things should work fine.

Why get two Tesla Wall Connectors?
- They're pretty
- They'll match
- They're cheaper than most of the competition
- They're more powerful (and thus future-proof) than most of the competition

Seems like a no-brainer unless it'll fry the lady's car. Thoughts?

Rocky_H | May 20, 2016

@jason, The answer is that it will not work because it straight-up won't fit in the charge port of the Fiat. Teslas use a different proprietary non-standard connector for their charge port and the handles of the wall connector, so it will not be able to plug into the Fiat. You need a wall charging unit that uses the J1772 handle. I recommend Clipper Creek.

AEdennis | May 20, 2016

I believe that QuickChargePower will swap out your HPWC Telsa head with a J1772 head.

They're the same ones that sell the JESLA modified UMC for standard EVSE use.

dchuck | May 22, 2016

An adapter from the Tesla connector to 1772 is available and it appears to work, at least it did for this guy:

Youtube - BMW I3 Charging on Tesla HPWC.

The good news about this method is you could use this cable either HPWC at home (some times me and the wife swap sides of our garage...) and also allows you to take the cable on trips.

dchuck | May 22, 2016

oops "this cable 'with' either HPWC"

Rocky_H | May 23, 2016

@AEdennis, I'm familiar with Quickchargepower changing out the mobile connector cords, but I don't think they do HPWC, do they? Regardless, this would actually be easier to do yourself with the HPWC, since you can open it up and change the cord connection. A J1772 cord is pretty easy to buy.

@dchuck, Quote: "An adapter from the Tesla connector to 1772 is available and it appears to work,..."

I would not use the word "available". There appear to have been a couple of people who have 3D printed and made their own, but they aren't really available for anyone to acquire.

Benz | May 23, 2016

What is the main argument for her not to buy a Tesla Model 3 too?

EVRider | May 23, 2016

I don't agree that the Tesla HPWCs are cheaper than the competition, but consider that if you install two chargers and plan to use them at the same time (why else would you install two?), you need to make sure your electric service can handle that. If you have to upgrade your electrical service to support two chargers, it won't be cheap.

My wife has a BMW i3 and I have a Model S, and we share a single Siemens VersiCharge 30A ESVE which works out fine for us. I paid about $850 for the ESVE including installation. Neither of us drives much these days, so that arrangement might not work for you.

Rocky_H | May 23, 2016

@RoofLess, Quote: "I don't agree that the Tesla HPWCs are cheaper than the competition,"

Really? I didn't even think that was debatable. What is the cheapest price you can find on a wall EVSE unit that can go on a 100A breaker? I'm guessing you can't find that for less than about $1,500 or more. The Tesla one is $500.

Rocky_H | May 23, 2016

Ah, I forgot that the high level Juicebox is much cheaper than most of the others out there at $900.

EVRider | May 23, 2016

@Rocky_H: I meant the HPWC wasn't cheaper than most other J1772 ESVEs that would work with a Fiat, which is the alternative in this case. For a Tesla, especially one with dual chargers/high amp charger, the HPWC is by far the best choice.

Rocky_H | May 23, 2016

@RoffLess, Ah, OK. That is more clear and does make sense. So yes, that's true: 2 or 3 hundred dollars can get a pretty good EVSE in the 20-30A range. Sorry, I was thinking of the other end, that the HPWC is considered a screaming deal in the EVSE realm because of the high power it can handle for the price.

HWS | June 13, 2017

I have the same question for Europe. I drive a Tesla since a couple of years and have a HPWC with a type-2 plug. It's being guarded by a loadbalancing system not to overload my max. house connection. I imported a Fiat 500e for my wife and would like to charge it with the HPWC. Anyone with experience with an adator that works?

Tarla's Driver | June 13, 2017

I was searching for chargers for my Leaf (in the USA), and I found that I could get 15A chargers that plug into a 240V outlet for around $250. If I wanted a 30A charger, the best I found was $550, just a touch more than the HPWC. So clearly the HPWC is the cheapest solution short of a 15A charger.

In Europe, Tesla uses different plugs that may make things work better with other cars. My understanding is that it's a standard plug there, so if you need to get a converter to a J-1772, hopefully you can find one. I haven't researched that, but am curious as to the answer. A quick Google shows that they use Mennekes Type 2 plugs, primarily to support 3-phase power. I would think that someone would sell adaptors, but I don't see any. If they adaptors exist, but with only limited vendors, they might be expensive. Your best bet might be to see if you can get Fiat to convert the plug on the car (which would also let you charge at public stations if I'm correct that 1772 isn't widely available there).

Please report back--I would love to know more about european charging.

Tarla's Driver | June 13, 2017

There's at least one report of a Tesla HPWC in Europe not working with a Zoe, so perhaps they're doing the signaling in a way that doesn't work with non-Tesla cars. That's unfortunate.

Tarla's Driver | June 13, 2017

There is a report from Australia of someone using a HPWC with an adaptor to charge a Leaf, but they said it took some adjustment to the adaptor.

pazarbal | February 26, 2020

I know this is an old thread but I just got my daughter a fiat 500e and we are charging her car using my HPWC with a tesla tap adapter and it's working great.. My HPWC is at 60A I got the 50A tesla tap and no issues...