Charging in the rain?

Charging in the rain?

Has there been any discussion about charging in the rain? Is it safe for you? Or more importantly, for the car? :)

Teoatawki | September 21, 2012

Absolutely safe. I won't go so far as to call it idiot proof. You always want to make the connection to the charging port last. If you look at the connector photos, you'll see how deeply recessed the conductors are. One the connections are made, low voltage handshaking signals happen and testing happens before charging current flows. So yes, it is safe to hook up the charger in pouring rain standing ankle deep in a puddle of water. Just not fun.

Teoatawki | September 21, 2012

One -> Once

Sudre_ | September 21, 2012

Are light fixture in swimming pools safe?
Is the water pump in my pond safe?
Is the water heater in my pond safe?
Point is things that are designed for it are perfectly safe.

What is not safe:
Pumping gas while smoking.
Inserting the gas nozzle into the car without discharging any potential static electricity. (how many ppl actually do this?)
Entering your car while pumping gas. (how many do this?)
Leaving your car running while pumping gas. (how many do this?)

The gas station list of thing not to do have all of those on the list. I see at least one being done every single time I get gas by at least one person.

nathnielbrn | September 22, 2012

I asked mechanic about it once and he said its perfectly safe. But do take care regarding connections properly.
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