Check forums multiple times daily for possible East Coast Supercharger updates.

Check forums multiple times daily for possible East Coast Supercharger updates.

For quite some time I frequented (understatement) the forums to keep up with the latest before ordering my Model S and then while waiting. Now I find myself still here too much, browsing for any spec of information regarding Supercharger roll out in the North East. My frustration and disappointment is also in excess but it's worse than waiting for Christmas. At least I know exactly when Christmas will arrive!

BrassGuy | October 31, 2013

I'm in the same situation. Ordered in July, delivered September 2. At the time, it looked like Sturbridge was a done deal. If it's not ready by next July, I may have to take a 96 Voyager across the state! Also in dire need of ME & NH. Check here all the time. Doesn't CA look great?

notice | November 1, 2013

Same here - delivered early September in Boston - need Sturbridge or Albany, and nh!

ColonyGolfer | November 1, 2013

After the announcement of the Tesla joint venture with CBL properties, maybe a push by Tesla owners to the mall managers in your area would help (Hanover Mall, MA, just off rte 3 for instance) Perhaps the mall manager could apply pressure to their management (CBL)to get SC stations installed by Tesla. Hanover would be a gateway to the Cape and would also serve the Boston area well.

DanD | November 1, 2013

I've been looking for Supercharger info most every day since it was announced. the stations are picking up.

I've been putting off a road trip from NJ to NC but now just might do it (the Newark DE, Richmond and Burlington are spaced at just under 200M and in my 60 kWh it will be an interesting challenge.

kalel65 | November 1, 2013
ericallyn | November 1, 2013

Same boat here. I bought my Model S 85 in March, and am desperate for Supercharger in Albany, New England, NJ and Pennsylvania. I visit the web site daily for updates, and am encouraged that mid Atlantic and SouthEast are getting SC - I-95 corridor will be key for Tesla. I am still hopeful that the North East will have some SC stations soon.

Benz | November 2, 2013

The summer Supercharger map showed a grey dot in Rhode Island. And the fall Supercharger map even shows a red dot in Rhode Island. But there hasn't been any news about it yet.

Benz | November 2, 2013

And there are two more Supercharger stations on the North-East-Coast which were on the summer Supercharger map (just like the one in Rhode Island), but have not been realised yet. We might hear about them this year still, at least I hope so.

theapple | November 2, 2013

Me too! Ordered supercharging with my 60kWh in the expectation that it will happen. NH and ME are particularly important to me. But they're also listed as Winter and always have been so some patience is warranted. I'm skeptical whether "winter 2013" actually means "2013" though.

Brian H | November 2, 2013

For about 10 days? :(

Benz | November 2, 2013


I don't think that all the grey dots on the winter Supercharger map will turn into functioning Supercharger stations during the winter (which ends on March 20th, 2014 by the way). There will certainly be a few Supercharger stations which will go live after the winter will have ended and spring will have arrived. You can bet on that. But anyhow, Tesla Motors is making good progress on the build out of the Supercharger network. And it will take a bit longer, but eventually they will have 200+ Supercharger stations in the US, that's for sure.

Pungoteague_Dave | November 2, 2013

Didn't they say that 100 is considered full buildout for the US?

I had a chance to use the Newark SC to complete a 385 mile trip on Thursday. It was amazing to see 265 miles on the range indicator after pulling in with only 45 left. I was there for an hour around 1PM, never saw any other cars using the four stations.

Suprkar | November 2, 2013

I believe what Tesla says when I see it. Promises Promises.

jk2014 | November 2, 2013

Pungoteague_Dave -- will your planning range (I think you said 175) change once the East Coast Supercharger corridor is set up?

demetri | November 3, 2013

Edison NJ is supposed to be a site that is going to be put in soon. Has anyone spotted construction? The Merritt parkway location in Greenwich CT, on the NY/CT border should be operational within 4 weeks. They are redoing the north and south bound rest areas and they are almost complete. I am going to look this week and post some pics if I see the the red metal frames of the SC's. I also check multiple times per day on the forums. I would like to make a trip to Vero Beach FL from Weston CT this February in a 60. According to Elon should be doable by the end of the year.

Benz | November 3, 2013


Keep us informed about Edison, NJ and Greenwich, CT. Thanks

tes-s | November 3, 2013

A tale of two trips I did in the past ten days - and how important superchargers are.

One was to Washington DC, and one to Maine. Short story is the trip to DC was awesome with no delays for charging. Trip to Maine that is 5 hours in an ICE stopping for gas took 7.5 hours (50% longer) because the the MA and ME superchargers are not built yet.

The trip to DC was not too different than with an ICE. Started with a standard charge (235 miles) and drove down on Sunday, with a stop in New Jersey for a few hours (no charging), then to the Newark, DE supercharger. Arrived with about 45 miles, and added just 100 - so it was a quick stop.

Stayed in DC for two days, and got a full standard charge (235) at my hotel from a NEMA 14-50. It was the Hyatt Capital Hill. No "additional" cost for charging, but parking aint cheap. Valet said they put it in because a customer with a roadster used to use it often.

Left on Tuesday, and added 100 miles again at Newark (took longer this time going from 125 to 225 vs last time going from 45 to 150), but still just about a half hour. Stopped in PA and NJ on the way back to home in CT. AWESOME trip - very convenient, and little difference from an ICE.

Trip to Maine was an EV adventure complete with range anxiety, detailed calculations, altered route, and 50% longer travel time.

It is a 310 mile trip for me in an ICE; 330 miles in my MS85 due to detours for charging.

Started at home with range charge (271 miles). Detoured to Natick for 2-hours charge at the HPWC and added 92 miles. Arrived in ME with 25 miles, and charged at 70-amp J1772.

On the way home, did the reverse - got full range charge on the J1772, and drove to Natick. Charged for an hour, got about 42 miles, then drove to Milford that is a little out of the way, but 20 miles closer - figured the faster charging would save some time - even a 16kW HPWC seems slow compared to a 90kW supercharger (Milford is 120kW but with my car max rate is 90kW).

Arrived Milford with 8 miles (it was at night, rained, and it was a little colder). I knew I was on the edge, but after spending 3 hours in Natick Mall over 2 days I had had enough and left as soon as I dared. Malls are not my idea of a good time. First bay (2B) did not work. Called Tesla, and moved to 2A and charged - they said they would report it to the supercharger team.

Dozed off and woke up almost an hour later with 215 miles of range, and drove 30 miles home.

Elon got it right - with the supercharger network, a trip in the MS is awesome and no different than an ICE - other than you are driving in an awesome car! But without the supercharger, it is very different and only viable if you are willing to have an adventure and spend the extra time - otherwise, ICE is a much better choice.

If it were not for the nice guys at Tesla in Natick letting me use their HPWC, or if they were more out of the way and I had to use a 30amp J1772, it would have been much worse.

But next time, ICE gets the nod for that trip until the "summer 2013" superchargers are built.

tes-s | November 3, 2013

@dspandidos - I saw a post of a guy with 60 coming up our way from down south. He was looking for contingency in case he could not make it from Newark to Darien - but he said it was no problem.

Does not get you to FL, but even without Edison you can get to Newark...just may not be able to use the heat too much. :)

tes-s | November 3, 2013

@theapple - ME, MA, and NH are listed as "Fall 2013" on the supercharger map, so it is safe to say they are "supposed" to be built by the end of the year. MA was also listed on the "Summer 2013" map before it was deleted.

bsimoes | November 3, 2013

The problem in the northerly Northeast is that not only are there no Superchargers...there are no other charge options either. Chargepoint and the like are few and far between. We don't even have those as a stop-gap measure. You are SOL if you get too low in charge. Many states have lots of places to plug in. That is not the case here. Where there are a few chargers, they are in such odd, way out locations, --King Arthur Flour?? Great, but not really a hotspot of activity. The Vermont Law School--again, pretty isolated. I applaud those places for providing charging, but it really doesn't help many because of the remoteness of the location. I would be content to spend an hour or two charging if there were options to charge in places or destinations with things to do. The fact is, that there really aren't any. I guess this is why I get a little upset when I see Superchargers built almost on top of each other in California; I know that there is other charging infrastructure in place! There is relatively nothing at all convenient in Vermont, New Hampshire or Maine. I would be willing to wait an hour and get 20 miles added, but even that is not an available option. We, in the true Northeast, are tethered to +/- 120 miles of range if we, indeed, want to get back home again.

Brian H | November 3, 2013

The original map count for full US-Can buildout was 193, IIRC. Haven't counted the recent maps lately.

Brian H | November 3, 2013

That was 2015, with more to come later, I believe.

demetri | November 3, 2013

@tes-s nice to hear that a 60 has made the trip. It's ~175 miles which should be possible with a range charge of 200 or so miles, if you drive carefully. But would be great to be able to drive at a a good clip stop for 30 min. In jersey and then on to Newark without any comprise in driving speed. So I am looking forward to the SC expansion and love to hear about any updates, especially when pics are posted.

thomas2V | November 3, 2013

I could be the guy he mentioned ;). Just did a 1300 mile round trip from Wake Forest NC via skyline drive to Jersey City and back using superchargers , campgrounds , tesla stores , hotels et al and it was an awesome trip. Even on the 60 with steady driving and some good drafting behind 18 wheelers keeping a pace of 65-75 mph is not a problem and getting between the super chargers between DE and Richmond VA not a problem at all ! Richmond seemed to charge a heck of a lot faster. Will put some great pictures and a more detailed blog this week. Thanks to Jim and Mike and Bill and all other tesla owners who are just a shout away when in trouble !

thomas2V | November 3, 2013

Oh btw the guys who were putting the last touches at the Richmond mentioned the one at Rocky mount NC and Plymouth NC will be coming up in the next weeks.

tes-s | November 4, 2013

I found the thread:

He was going the other way, so looking for charging contingency closer to CT. You would probably want some options closer to Delaware, "just in case".

FranknWC | November 4, 2013

With the addition of superchargers in VA and NC I'll be able to pick up my son in New Jersey and go to and from the US Open at Pinehurst for nothing.

Hea Supkar Elon promised 5 star safety rating and he delivered. Promised not only the best electric car but the best car and in MHO he did that as well. Have faith and a little patience and I don't think you'll be disappointed.

MichaelN | November 4, 2013

Are there no RV parks in the north east? - my wife and I did a trip to Oregon from southern CA and we experienced similar problems with charging above SF - then we discovered that many RV parks have what are called Park Models (the equivalent of 1 bed cabins/apartments) that rent out for less than $100 for the night - all have access to charge posts with 30/50amp - you get a nice place to stay, with kitchens, usually in some beautiful spot (making it difficult to leave early) and can charge all night - great trade off -

If any are traveling up the 101 in northern CA, the Super 8 hotel in Ukiah is A+ - beautiful, fresh rooms, decent breakfast, free charge over night - the owner Raakesh Patel says he is willing to install chargers for the Model S, i.e., he will provide the space and pay for the electricity - so if Tesla wanted to build even a 2 spot Super Charger, he is willing - or perhaps S owners who frequent that route may want to get together and provide him with a HPWC, which he is also willing to do -

Another nice stop is the Benbow Inn (both a hotel and RV stop) with 50 amp plugs (hotel has one 50 amp, free) - their cottages (park models) are $125 and up - perhaps they could be offered the same thing -

demetri | November 4, 2013

Great thread tes-s, thanks. It is wonderful to hear that others are offering their chargers for a fellow traveler. The Tesla community has brought together like minded individuals. We are all part of a revolution that Elon has spearheaded with his cars. Looking forward to the electrification of the transportation sector, hopefully with more sustainable energy.
Hope we get a few SC's up and running this week!