Check your tire pressure! Mine was WAAAY high on delivery.

Check your tire pressure! Mine was WAAAY high on delivery.

After a "spirited" drive to the office yesterday I got a "tire pressure too high" warning. Hmmm. I only had 60 miles on the car, and most of that was under
40 mph. This morning I checked the cold tire pressure and it was 55lbs on ALL four tires! That's WAAAAY high. Recommended pressure is 42. Max inflation is 51!

So, clearly someone missed this on the delivery check list. This is a potentially dangerous condition, so I'd suggest you (or have them) check and confirm tire pressure BEFORE you take delivery.

GoTeslaChicago | December 2, 2012

You're not in Denver, or somewhere with a high elevation are you? If so, proper pressure at sea level could become over pressurized at 5,000 feet elevation.

GoTeslaChicago | December 2, 2012

I was thinking that if at 5,500 feet elevation, the air pressure is 20% less, apparent tire pressure would be 20 % more, i.e. 42 lbs would become 50.4 lbs. However, a little more research show that not to be the case as 20% of 15 lbs sea level pressure is a 3 lb tire pressure difference, not enough to matter.

nickjhowe | December 2, 2012

@GTC - also bear in mind that there is mechanical resistance of the tire - the extreme example is to assume the tire were a metal box instead of rubber. Wouldn't matter what the external air pressure was - the internal air pressure would always be the same.

So a tire with 40lbs at sea level might only read 41 or 42 at 5,500ft even though external air pressure is 20% lower.

reitmanr | December 2, 2012

Isnt measurement differential on a gauge? So 40lbs on a gauge means 40lbs above local air pressure. Or do some gauges have a built in reference?

Mark2131@CA-US | December 2, 2012

Folks, this is in Los Angeles. Maybe 800 ft above sea level. The pressure was just wrong!

nvjx | December 2, 2012

Mine was at exactly 42 lbs on all 4 tires when cold. I live in the bay area.

jbunn | December 2, 2012


It is gauge. No absolute reference on a common tire pressure measureing device. It's measured against ambient pressure.

TikiMan | December 3, 2012

Anyone know what proper air-pressure is supposed to be for the 21" high-performance tires?

I just dropped mine down to 45 psi cold (from 60 psi), and now my tire-pressure warning just came on and says it's too low? I also can't find the proper psi on the side of the tires, so I was assuming 45 psi would be safe, as it says 42 psi on the inner-door tire pressure sticker?

Mark2131@CA-US | December 3, 2012


I'm going by the door as well. It says 42. Looking up the tires on the Continental website says 41 with a max of 51. Curious why they're shipping with such high pressure?


nickjhowe | December 3, 2012

@TikiMan - sure your pressure gauge isn't bad?

mrspaghetti | December 3, 2012

Or the delivery guy's guage is bad.

TikiMan | December 3, 2012

@nick, Yes, bad tire gauge. So it was 10 off, thus the tires had 50 lbs of pressure in them before I lowered them too low (which set off the warning).

Every new car I have bought always had about ten to fifteen extra lbs of pressure. I have been told they ship the cars this way, because of the tie-downs on then transport truck force the cars down to hold them firmly, thus they increase the pressure to compensate.

dahtye | December 3, 2012

My tire pressure a few days after delivery was about 40 lbs (I didn't measure immediately following delivery). I topped it off to 42 lbs (as the driver's door jamb label recommends). About a week later, they measured about 40 lbs again (all 4 of them were about the same, within 0.5 lbs of each other). So, I topped them off again. I haven't checked since, but will check the next time I get a chance.

bshortell | December 3, 2012

On my ride home from Fremont, the TPMS error message showed up. After stopping and charging the error was gone, once tires warmed up the TPMS error reappeared. Had my passenger rear tire pressure sensor replaced after having had it checked at the service center and then it happened again. Hasn't happened since.

Dogface | December 12, 2012

@Mark2131, I had the same problem, 52 psi in all for tires (cold and at sea level with a professional grade gauge).

BYT | December 12, 2012

I am also getting the tire pressure low warning, is there a reliable tire pressure gauge that you all use?

Alex K | December 12, 2012

@BYT | DECEMBER 12, 2012: I am also getting the tire pressure low warning, is there a reliable tire pressure gauge that you all use?

I have had great success with the Accutire MS 5510B Racing Tire Pressure Gauge:

BYT | December 12, 2012

Thanks Alex, I just placed an order for it on Amazon... :) Bought some more Mr. Clean Filtered Car Wash soap while I was at it.

Alex K | December 12, 2012

@BYT | DECEMBER 12, 2012 I just placed an order for it on Amazon...

That's where I've bought them too. I think I have bought 5 or 6 over the years. I have one in each car. Plus I usually leave them in the car, if I'm selling it to a private party.

They have improved the design over the years. The "B" model will readout the pressure after you have release the bleeder valve. The "A" model, unfortunately, made you remove and reinsert the gauge from the tire before giving you a new reading. It looks like Amazon is selling the "B" model now which is good.

WolfenHawke | December 17, 2012

Took my delivery on Friday Dec 14 in Fremont, California. I checked the tire pressure cold on Sunday and it was 53lbs all around. Corrected to 42lbs.