Chicago to North Conway, NH winter road trip towing a T&G Camper

Chicago to North Conway, NH winter road trip towing a T&G Camper

I left Highland Park, IL this morning on what I hope is a 3 day road trip to New Hampshire, towing my T & G camping trailer. My first stop was in Sturtevant Wisconsin where the camper has been parked since last October, stopping at the Pleasant Prairie SC on my way to pick up the trailer.
Next stop was in Glenview, IL to pick up camping gear to load into the trailer, then on to the Skokie, IL SC, where I charged and had lunch. This is a great SC to stop at if you’re towing, as there are 2 banks of chargers, 10 in each bank, making it easy to slide in and charge without unhitching.

From there the next stop was the Mishawaka, IN SC, again charged with no need to unhitch, then on to Maumee, OH SC, no need to unhitch here as well since the single pull-in charger was available. Charged to 85%, which gives plenty of reserve to make the Sheffield, OH SC with a cold-soaked battery in the morning.

Temps today were between 24-29F, Teslawinds reported a 10 mph headwind on the leg to pick up the trailer. After that tailwinds of 2 MPH to 8 MPH most of the rest of the day.


Drive north to pick up trailer, mostly highway at 65-70 MPH avg. 442 Wh/Mile
Drive south with trailer to storage locker, mostly highway at 65 MPH avg. 545 Wh/Mile
Skokie SC to Mishawaka SC, mostly highway at 60 MPH avg. 572 Wh/Mile
Mishawaka SC to Maumee SC, mostly highway at 55 MPH avg. 525 Wh/mile

Going to sleep now, will try for Albany, NY tomorrow but might have to settle on Syracuse or Utica.

Wingz4life | February 19, 2019

cool! keep us updated. I'm picking up my Model X in New Jersey and bringing home to Chicago. looking forward to seeing what I can do with the Watt/Mile in the cold weather.