China's first Model S with license plate

China's first Model S with license plate

lolachampcar | March 3, 2014

Very Nice :)

WhisperingCJ | March 3, 2014

Nice, but why is it LHD?
I'm guessing someone imported it, impatient to wait for the RHD model (with the modified rear doors, etc for the Chinese market)

GeirT | March 3, 2014

LHD in China. RHD for Hong Kong. These plates are Chinese.

WhisperingCJ | March 3, 2014

Ah - thank you for corrected me GeirT :)

plusplusjames | March 3, 2014

Very snazzy. Like a centerfold shot! :)

Keith72 | March 3, 2014

Where in China is it located? I'll be back in Shanghai and Nanjing in a few weeks and would love to share stories with the owner.

Chuck Lusin | March 3, 2014


Also that front plate, does not look as bad as the taller US plates.

Brian H | March 3, 2014

Trying for a dropbox copy:

Brian H | March 3, 2014

Failed again.

LMB | March 3, 2014

(LMB spouse)

Are front plates required in China? If so, is the requirement often enforced? Thanks.

J.T. | March 4, 2014

@LMB I'm under the impression that everything is enforced in China, but that just might be the propaganda talking.

Mathew98 | March 4, 2014

Don't worry about enforcements in China. The gov't will chop off the fingers to thieves who stole from others. They will also execute any murderers by firing squads and send the bill to the bullets to the family.

That's how things are done over there. Just imagine how small the prison population would be in the US if we were to follow a few of the customs...

J.T. | March 4, 2014

@Mathew98 Great. That's all we need is thousands of out of work prison guards. Don't you realize that crime is good for the economy? :-)

Car t man | March 4, 2014

My experience is slightly different. Unless you do something unsettling, no one meddles with anyone. And the crowd is way more loud and vocal towards police and police backs away very quickly if it happens. They avoid causing scenes, fusing any riot, etc. They know they can't afford it. If some of what I saw was to happen in NY or LA, those complainers would be in jail within minutes. You certainly don't talk to a US, EU or Japanese cop that way. People spill their gutts to and over the police on every corner. Kinda

There is a lot of misconception in the west. I think there is a silent deal between the population and authorities. As long as authorities provide a
growth trajectory, which is kind of inclusive, it is OK and people accept
it. Quite like it actually. I think Chinese accept that a system with 1.5 billion+ people, is inherently difficult to manage. So they have this kinda strange tolerant stance. And no one really bothers anyone openly.

Unless one in any way attacks the system, everything is OK and everyone is
left to themselves. If the government screws up, it can all light up and burn and if someone in any way shape or form "endangers" the system, they then they quickly intervene. Unless you visit, you will never really know.
But it is not what you would expect. Most large cities resemble Tokyo more
than anything most imagine.

If anything, pollution is the real problem now. And now everyone in China is
aware of it and kind of understands they need to act. In US, the problem is
just below the threshold needed to push for real changes. Not in China.

bradslee | March 4, 2014

This China's first MS with the legal license plate ending 91B9 is actually owned by Tesla Beijing Showroom as their test drive model. With this licensed test drive model, Tesla Beijing Showroom can legally offer potential Chinese customers in Beijing to test drive MS in Beijing city road, rather than just showing the parked MS at the showroom.

PS. In China, every car MUST have both front and end license plates.