Christmas Easter Egg

Christmas Easter Egg

If you haven't tried it out yet, give it a shot tonight. It's absolutely amazing!

Triggerplz | November 27, 2017

Is there something new that happens tonight

T34Bravo | November 27, 2017

Probably not but we just stumbled on it it a few hours ago. Awesome!

Triggerplz | November 27, 2017

Yes it is nice, Enjoy

psusi | November 27, 2017

Eh? Is the one from last year back or is it new? How do you activate it? I really miss the TSO dance.

T34Bravo | November 27, 2017

Yeah, full disclosure: we're new to the X world so it very well could be the one from last year. New to us, though, and still pretty damn impressive! | November 28, 2017

Funniest car ever.

Redmiata98 | November 28, 2017

Do your mirrors still fold after using the Christmas Show? That was a problem about 3 or so updates ago and have not heard if it has been fixed.

tommyalexandersb | November 28, 2017

It’s the same show as always. And yes, the mirrors issue has been fixed.

burdogg | November 28, 2017

Yes and yes :)

Access show by clicking T at top of screen, wait for it to show your car, then a second menu will pop up above your car info. There is a holiday ornament, click it. Follow instructions given there (basically get out of car, close the door by hand (what I do) and then when ready, click the top of the fob 1 time) | November 29, 2017

Last year I put on a show for about 50 people at a New Year's Eve party. I summoned the car forward, pretending to be giving it verbal instructions and then started the holiday show pretending to direct the music. It was hilarious. Everyone still talks about it. No one will ever be nuts enough to build a car like this again. I love it.

zxed | November 29, 2017

We're on a residential street that's a big P (as opposed to a circle or cul de sac) - people have their blow up, light up, move around stuff out.... It's a kid friendly/heavy neighbourhood., and I plan on leaving the X out and having it do all its tricks! (when I finally and hopefully get it mid dec) - Yes, this will be the only X (or even Tesla) on our residential P.

CT4AE | December 4, 2017

Has anyone experienced a problem where the show stops abruptly? Maybe only a few seconds in and things feel like the computer has "crashed". I've only had the MX for less than a week and it's worked only once out of 10 times I've tried it. Somewhat embarrassing to say the least when you can't get your car to perform a dance. :)

inconel | December 4, 2017

Make sure your car is in a clear area with no obstacles around it.

inconel | December 4, 2017

Make sure your car is in a clear area with no obstacles around it.

Triggerplz | December 4, 2017

@CT4AE After doing the show a few times last year mine would stop it was found that the sensor in my FWD had to be replaced, I think all that wing flapping caused my sensor to malfunction, no problems since then but I dont do it as much anymore

Napoleonblownapart | December 4, 2017

Make sure there is plenty of clearance around the car. If someone approaches the car during the show, it will stop. Do not stand close to the door when you press the keyfob, it will start and then immediately stop.

lilbean | December 4, 2017

@Triggerplz. I just recorded it and I watch the video whenever I want. :)

Triggerplz | December 4, 2017

@lilbean LOL, Nice but it's much better live :-)

Vawlkus | December 5, 2017

Make sure no one walks up while the doors are ‘flapping’. Had that happen once and although I managed to shoo them away before they bonked, the show still stopped dead.

Redmiata98 | December 5, 2017

The show also requires a level surface. If it is on a slight incline/decline it will start and then shutoff.

Sleepydoc1 | December 6, 2017

Hi Red - I played it last week on my slanted suburban home driveway. The show doesn't seem to flap the doors and mirrors as much, but maybe my memory getting old.

lilbean | December 6, 2017

On mine, the doors didn’t flap as much when parked up the incline of the driveway but flapped nicely when facing down the incline.

CT4AE | December 6, 2017

Thanks all, I've figured it out. When I had the nose of the car pointed down on an slight decline on my driveway it didn't work. But if it was turned the other way around or on a flat surface then it worked! Many more shows to come this Christmas for sure!

oragne lovre | December 7, 2017

I plan to do a slightly different show for this Xmas if my model 3 is delivered before or on Xmas. The 3, which is smaller in size, would stand still facing the X. I would then have the X flap its wings and blink its eyes, aka headlights, to the newer 3 that would stay dormant.
Do you think it would be fun?

rscheirer | December 17, 2017

Just did this last night was really awesome but very loud is there anyway to adjust the volume? No neighbors complained but ...

Triggerplz | December 17, 2017

@rscheirer Stand back from the car but once the widows come down reach in to the stroll wheel and cut the volume down