Chrome Delete

Chrome Delete

Any of you deleted or blacked out the chrome on your model S?

ModelS_inVegas | January 8, 2019

I had mine done and I love it. Totally changes the look of the car. It’s done with a vinyl wrap.

Scorpyo | January 8, 2019

I actually like the chrome in my car. Wondering why some of you decided to do the chrome delete. Do you find the chrome too shiny? Lack of contrast with some body paint? Just curious to know.

Ohmster | January 8, 2019

My car is the metallic black. I don't like the contrasting chrome so I blacked it out myself. Got better as I went along and redid some stuff. Only thing left is mirror housings.....that part is a bit tough!

hammer @OR-US | January 8, 2019

For me I just like the combination of red and black, particularly with the particular Tesla MC red. I have a Silver S and a Midnight silver 3 that I like the chrome on, I also like the chrome with the whites and titanium (RIP) It just seems harmonious with those colors.

Anthony J. Parisio | January 9, 2019

hammer @OR-US,
Love it! It looks great!

kerryglittle | January 9, 2019

Nice job hammer.

Silver2K | January 9, 2019

Hammer is pimpin!

jerrykham | January 9, 2019

@Hammer's looks good. It matches with the wheels and I think that makes the whole thing. On the other hand I have seen some where they not only blacked out the chrome but also did some flat grey on the car itself. To me, it looks like a primered car - sort of awful. Others like it. As they say Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder. But yeah, I like the way Hammer's came out.

Jesperj | January 9, 2019

I did:

I got the 21" gray turbine wheels for my summer tires on my deep blue MS. Then I did a chrome delete using vinyl in the same gray as the wheels, as well as dark black window tinting on all windows except the windshield. It's totally a vanity project, but it makes me smile when I see it. I like how it ties the wheels and the trim together in a uniform scheme.

The guy that did the chrome delete (no, I'm not talented enough to do it myself) cut out the Tesla name plate on the trunk lid, so that part is still chrome. It really pops and I think it makes the car look very sharp.

SoCal Buzz | January 9, 2019

That's looks sweet @Jesperj!! Now get rid of that front license plate :)

rxlawdude | January 9, 2019

Chrome is my favorite browser. Why would I delete it? :-)

Jesperj | January 9, 2019

@SoCal Buzz: I would get rid of that license plate, but unfortunately the police department in my hometown made a big deal about a year ago about the fact that lacking a front license plate is now a primary offense. It doesn't seem worth the ticket.

spuzzz123 | April 22, 2019


"Wondering why some of you decided to do the chrome delete"

This is of course very subjective and personal. There's nothing wrong with chrome. I just felt like the model 3 is a sports car, and the chrome is a luxury finish (and looks fantastic on Model S/X). The black trim really makes it look its temporary and pretty inexpensive. When/if I get tired of it, off it comes!