Cigarette lighter Amp?

Cigarette lighter Amp?

Thinking of buying an air pump to inflate tires. They suggest confirming the rating of the cigarette lighter power to be 10 to 15 amps to prevent fuse issues.

Anyone know?

Many thanks

murphyS90D | March 4, 2019

It has a 15 amp fuse. It is not a cigarette lighter. If you put a real cigarette lighter in there it would destroy it. It is called a power port. | March 4, 2019

Yep, buy a pump that is rated for 12 amps or less. Looks like Tesla discontinued it's pump, but here's one that is 10 amps that should work well:, I'd get one that has a digital gauge built in, so it stops automatically when it reaches your desired level.

stevenmaifert | March 4, 2019

I bought Tesla's original 12V socket tire pump back in 2012. It's rated for 15A. I've used it twice with no fuse issues. | March 4, 2019

I was wrong about Tesla's pumpt being discontinued. Looks like Tesla's pump is only available at Tesla now (it used to be on Amazon). It is $80, whereas other pumps are quite a bit cheaper. Here's the link to Tesla's pump: It does have a goo injector as part of the pump.

Mike83 | March 4, 2019

I bought this Tesla repair kit pump long ago for $50 but price has increased. It comes with a sealant to repair a leak. Haven't used it in 5 years so I can't review it. But I will buy the $80 one for our M3.