Cincinnati Ohio Connection

Cincinnati Ohio Connection

Cincinnati Ohio Connection

Cincinnati Ohio, Mason Ohio ,Blue Ash Ohio Tesla Club

1. Did you get your High Power Wall Connector yet? If not what did you get installed?
2. Who installed it?
3. Price?

4. Did you get the Supercharger option since we don't really live in a Supercharger area?

5. Did you prepay for maintenance ?
6. Did you get ranger service or will you just go to Columbus Service Center? Will Columbus have a Supercharger?
7. Are there only 3-4 Tesla Model S potential owners in the Cincinnati area?

If these questions have been answered ... Sorry I could not find them.
Please answer with a link. (if you have it)

The family would appreciate it.

gwendolynsteffen | September 30, 2015

Hello Everyone,

I am an owner of the green P85D from Cincinnati excitingly waiting for the Ludicrous upgrade! I wanted to let other local Tesla owners in the tri-state area know that Tesla Motors Cincinnati will be featuring some of their cars this Friday October 2 at the Newport Levee before joining me at the Newport Aquarium for the 10th Annual Nauti Night WAVE Foundation Fundraiser. Tickets for the event are still available and can be purchased at the aquarium the night of. Stop by to see the cars and come and see the Aquarium at night.


PS: teslacinci, you will love any version of the tesla!