Cisco Texas Supercharger site vandalized

Cisco Texas Supercharger site vandalized

We stopped by the Cisco TX Supercharger yesterday (12/7/2018) in our Jeep on a trip from Denver to Rockport TX, checking out Superchargers along a route for the next Model 3 trip. All the stations checked out fine except for this one in Cisco TX. The charging stations looked to be pushed back on their pads with one almost off. Three of the chargers were missing. Not having a Tesla on hand, I couldn’t verify if any of the stations were functional but I wouldn’t count on them for a charge. Tesla was notified today.

Hal Fisher | December 8, 2018

Seems they need cameras to monitor these stations. This is why you can't have nice stuff, idiots are EVERYWHERE!

kevin_rf | December 8, 2018

Yellow chain is still wrapped around one, wonder if something spooked the vandals. Like maybe who ever monitors the charger calling the police.

ravisundaramam | December 8, 2018

Anti Tesla sentiments are whipped up and is getting politicised.

Tesla rising on market down days. Small time Tesla shorts whose collateral is not enough are getting their collateral liquidated at fire sale prices to buy the rising TSLA to close their positions. From Emu farming to beanie babies to bit coins to Tesla shorting, Texas seems to be having an endless supply of chumps.

Hope these vandals get caught and get prosecuted.

calvin940 | December 8, 2018


billtphotoman | December 9, 2018

Hopefully they catch the criminals and charge them with a felony. This is also an example of why I don't like to cut it close with my range on trips and always have enough "in the tank" to make it to a backup charging location.

jwat14 | December 9, 2018

Remind me to stay the hell out of Texas. I understand that Austin is a really nice town too. Shame.

texxx | December 9, 2018

Austin is awesome. Great people, super EV friendly (lots of places to charge at almost no cost), and more great restaurants and food trucks than any place I've ever lived.

So don't judge Texas too harshly, and definitely come visit!

TranzNDance | December 9, 2018

I wonder if people have the foresight to worry about the depreciation on their ICE cars once more people become aware of how great EVs could be. If so, people don't have to short TSLA to lose money when Tesla gets more successful. That's just two of many ways people can lose money from Tesla's success so there are a lot of motivated people wanting ill for Tesla.

billtphotoman | December 9, 2018

@texxx as a fellow Austinite I would add the place is crawling with EVs and model 3s in particular. And so far we haven't had the numerous model 3 break-ins common in at least the Bay Area of CA. Good and bad people exist in all states.

ron | December 9, 2018

Houston has a bunch of Model 3's. - two M3Ps in our garage! They are delivering a minimum of 100 per Saturday according to the Tesla folks.

Bryan.whitton | December 9, 2018

@billphotoman So true that there are good and bad people in every state. Born in California, lived in South Dakota and Massachusetts for a while and 10 years in Dallas. I found each had good and bad folks. No one state has a monopoly on either one.

efuseakay | December 9, 2018

Vandalized or ran over by a Tesla owner? lol

Tesla2018 | December 9, 2018

Just curious if people steal destination chargers, does Tesla have any way of monitoring where they are located and the vin of the vehicle using it if someone tries to rehook it up? Or does it automatically become disabled if someone tries to steal it. In some places people break into houses and steal all the copper plumbling to sell it. If public chargers are going to be set up all over the place, whats to stop people from unwiring them and selling them out of the back of vans like stolen stereo equiptment? Guess fear of getting fried by 24OV would scare most people off.

billtphotoman | December 10, 2018

@Tesla2018 - I have wondered about people stealing the cables from Superchargers since there has to be a worthwhile amount of copper in there. For destination chargers, as far as I know they don't have any capability of calling home to mother Tesla. Of course locations that have destination chargers (hotels, restaurants) probably have lots of other equipment for thieves to target. The solution is armed robotic surveillance <;}

jimglas | December 10, 2018

Koch thugs?

kevin_rf | December 10, 2018

In the case of he supercharges, all the expensive electronics are in the boxes to side and not in the pedestal. Most likely the pedestals with all the metal in them are worth more as scrap than anything else.

Didn't a Tesla fan manage to recently obtain one off of Ebay:

After looking at the pictures, I am more convinced someone was trying to steal them for scrap and was interrupted.

richiejeep | December 16, 2018

OP here: finally heard from Tesla.
"Thank you so much for reporting the supercharger in Cisco. We rely on owners like you to let us know when there is an issue at one of our chargers. I will ensure this gets up to my supercharger team to investigate. Thank you again, it is reports like this that help us ensure that everyone can have the best charging experience possible."

jjt2122 | December 16, 2018

in texas? More likely the oil industry hired someone to destroy the supercharger.

Tesla2018 | December 16, 2018

I just went to get coffee and a snack at a local gas station. I always pull in the back behind the station since no one ever parks there.

But now they have 8 Tesla superchargers behind the building marked Tesla parking only for 2 of them snd 15 minute Tesla parking on the other six. I tried using one and it said the cable wasnt installed correctly since I really had to stretch it since I didnt pull in far enough. I was parked in a B spot. So I moved to an A spot that was easier to plug into. They really need to make the cables about 3 ft longer. In any case it didnt work. I asked the person inside if they were broken or just not hooked up yet, but he had no clue.I then went to a supercharger at a Tesla dealer that was about 2 miles away and it worked. I noticed the Tesla dealer superchargers were lit up but the ones at the gas station werent. So maybe they arent done with the installation.

Does Tesla charge for supercharging at gas stations, or dothe the gas stations eat the cost?

Seems kind of strange to have it so close to a Tesla sales and service location and at a gas station but maybe this gas station is partnering with Tesla. Dont want to disclose the location since if I can supercharge for free tor 15 minutes each morniing while getting coffee instead of paying for a supercharging at a location that has no food places near it, its a no brainer. Just dont want it to get hogged by the people that get already get free supercharging.

I charge at home each night but this will be a nice option if I am ever coming back from a long trip and need to get my car charged faster or if I can just plug in for a few minutes a day instead of every night at home in order to make sure that the battery is charged up to 70 or 80%.

Bighorn | December 16, 2018

Where was it? Lots are at gas stations now.

Tesla2018 | December 16, 2018

In FL near the West Palm Tesla service center. The gas station brand just started operating in FL within the last 2 years, and has been expanding all over the state. Dont know if their other stations also have supercharging since currently they dont have many that are close to each other.
Ive seen superchargers that are inside shopping centers and strip malls that have nearby gas stations, but never one that was physically located on a gas stations property. Kind of strange that they have about a dozen gas pumps that are always full and 8 Tesla spots that no one knows about.

kevin_rf | December 16, 2018

Makes sense, put them where you can. My closest super charger is in a grocery store parking lot.

Tesla fan totality takes a back seat to Market Basket customer loyalty. Not even Wegmans customer loyalty can touch it.

Mediumed | December 17, 2018

I don't have any where I live but on a couple of road trips the superchargers were at Wawa gas stations and were not free. They are the same as any other supercharger station except they are in the parking lot of a 24/7 convenience store that has just about anything you could want on a road trip a couple of steps away. Really great idea to put them there, it also must get the ice folks wondering about driving EV's. A win win.

kevin_rf | December 17, 2018

Be nice if they put them at all the interstate rest stops and welcome centers... Just saying.

ODWms | December 17, 2018

I’ve noted a few supercharger stations at Wawa locations in my area also (Tampa Bay). I think it’s a great idea to partner with them, and look forward to seeing more go up.

notaflamethrower | December 25, 2018

Just stopped at the Cisco superchargers, and they were in good shape. Good thing, because I arrrived with only 14 miles left.