Clean Air Stickers - California

Clean Air Stickers - California

Question: Is it mandatory for clean air stickers to be physically attached to a Model S in order to receive the (Golden Gate) bridge discount? Also, are people getting pulled over/citations for not having them in the commuter lane?

Trying to understand whether the sticker policy is "should do" versus a "must do".

Thanks in advance for any replies.

lov2krz | April 1, 2013

It's a must do otherwise it could be used on another unauthorized vehicle.

fisher.gregory | April 1, 2013

So a Model S pays full bridge toll if no stickers are physically attached to the that correct? Thx

krogers | April 1, 2013

My understanding: must have HOV stickers properly placed on car to:

1. drive solo in carpool lane. and in NorCal for free in HOT (toll lanes). Do not need FasTrak for the HOT lanes. If you do have FasTrak, put in Mylar bag to avoid the charge.

2. Must have FasTrak to cross Bay Area bridges and use the carpool lane to get the discount. FasTrak is only way to get the discounted carpool bridge toll (only available during carpool hours). A license plate account will not allow discount dueling carpool hours on GG bridge, even for cars with the HOV stickers.

krogers | April 1, 2013

"Dueling"should be "during" in the last sentence.

joshuabinder | April 1, 2013

Use soft magnet strips and attach the sticker to that. Only attached when you need it, obviously before you head out to your destination.

shop | April 1, 2013

Dude, the car is made of aluminum - magnets do not stick to it.

mdennick | April 1, 2013

I wonder if there is a way to get a magnet inside the bumper for a magnet strip to work. Anyone who put aftermarket sensors in should know. I have the CA stickers now but don't want to stick them on this pretty car.

RedShift | April 1, 2013

Attach iron strips with double sided tape on the inside of the bumper if you can rech underneath, then, use the magnetic strip method. If I can think it, someone has already uploaded a YouTube video of it. Search.

RedShift | April 1, 2013

Reach, not rech.

RedShift | April 1, 2013

Sorry, but the magnetic strips will probably fall off during driving.

EcLectric | April 1, 2013

My previous car (Subaru) was supposed to have an aluminum body... but magnets stuck to it, so maybe I was misinformed. I tried the magnets with the Model S just in case - no luck. They did not stick at all. I have the two larger HOV stickers scotch taped to the small triangular windows behind/outside the back seats. Some might argue that these would be easy to steal, but I don't think anyone is that stupid. Who would purchase an HOV sticker from some crook to stick on their gas-guzzler to drive alone in the carpool lane? If a CHP can see you are alone, he/she can also see that your V8 Chevy is not a ZEV!

I think the stickers are actually for public consumption. They don't want people getting mad and calling CHP because they see people driving alone in the HOV lane. If people can see the stickers, I think it's ok. That being said, I do have the small sticker in my glove box, so I could (if forced at gunpoint) install the stickers in the designated locations.

I read (okay, scanned through) the text of the law, which was mostly about qualifying for the stickers. As far as I could tell, the law doesn't specify how the stickers need to be attached. It says they must be "displayed", and that the CHP has the right to determine how they must be displayed.