Cleveland owners

Cleveland owners

Just wondering... Are there are current Cleveland, Ohio model S owners? I haven't seen any on the road here! Would love to be Cleveland's number 1 advertiser!!! Can' t wait to get my car, just ordered it today basically fully loaded! Delivery time is supposedly 1 month!

Klaus | April 13, 2013

If we ever get Super Chargers between Tampa and Cleveland I'll drive up for a visit. Grew up there and still have family there.

cmanchen | April 14, 2013

Mine should be here in a week. I'm from Solon. The only one I've seen is from Chagrin Falls, but someone in Hudson posted that they got one recently too.

san5man | April 14, 2013

I live in Avon. Nice to know that other Model S owners exist in this region. Any idea when the Columbus service center opens?

OhioOwner | April 14, 2013

It has been open about 6 weeks now.

cmanchen | April 14, 2013

Yep, Columbus is open. My car is going there first and then they are bringing it up to my house.

thequalityangel | April 23, 2013


I am the Hudson owner. Got it in February and already has over 4300 miles. White 85.

Will be in Columbus and visit the service center this weekend.


edoubler1 | May 18, 2013

I've seen one in Avon, OH. A friend who lives down the street in Avon just put his order in earlier this week. Trying to schedule a trip to Chicago (nearest dealer) to check one out before placing an order.

san5man | May 18, 2013

Yes, I saw the Avon car it is brown! It looks elegant! I live in Avon and my P+ will be here by early June. My neighbor is about to put his order in as well! Where do you live edoubler? My car will be gray and my neighbor's will be black!

edoubler1 | May 19, 2013

I live in Highland Park (on 83 south of I-90) across from Bob-O-Links. You?

san5man | May 19, 2013

How about that - I live in Highland Park as well! My email is We can communicate and exchange phone numbers. Look forward to talking to you!

san5man | May 19, 2013

Better yet edoubler my number is 2488726284, I live on cranlyn terrace, my friend lives on bellcrest. Maybe I can save you a trip to Chicago! Sanjay

innov8tive | July 9, 2014

I will probably purchase my Model S when the service center opens in Cleveland. I don't want to drive to Columbus to get the car serviced.

mikoci | September 14, 2014

Does anybody know if the Cleveland service center opened yet?

Rheumboy | September 14, 2014

Yes, it's located on Johnnie Football Ave.