Clicking Sound from Charging Port

Clicking Sound from Charging Port

I have owned my Model 3 for about 1 month now. Recently (within the last week or so), I have noticed a clicking sound coming from the charge port area after parking the car. When I plug in my home charging cable, the icon remains white, cable does not lock into place and the clicking sound continues. On the Tesla App under Charging, there is a note that says the charging cable may not be inserted correctly. If I go back into the vehicle and press on the Brake, the charging cable seems to lock in place and charging process begins.

On another occasion, I experienced the same issue and so I tried turning off scheduled charging. The charging cable immediately locked in place and charging then started normally.

Is this normal during scheduled charging and I just never noticed the clicking? I thought that the charging icon turned green or blue even if the actual charging wasn't scheduled until later.

Thanks for any feedback!

spockagain34 | December 7, 2018

Schedule an appointment with either your closest service center or a mobile repair service. They'll need to look into that and it will be more helpful and less stressful to you to have a decisive answer on your issue.

Mike UpNorth_ | December 7, 2018

Actually, I think everything mentioned is normal. I think that clicking sound is a new update that tries to stop the charge port from freezing up. Like it moves a little every few seconds to avoid icing over.
I too did a scheduled charge last night. T icon was white. Everything looked normal but app said might not be in place right. I doubled checked and thought it was fine....My scheduled charge started as it should.

I think you're fine OP

ryanfranklin1103 | December 7, 2018

Thanks for the posts. Michael - sounds like the same situation and I think I agree with you that it's probably functioning normally. Helps to confirm with others though.

jithesh | December 7, 2018

I had similar issue today when it was not locking properly on a J1772 charging station, I think could be a temporary issue due to cold weather as it doesn't happens always.
It was displaying "Limited charging" due to this so I opened the app and clicked on Stop Charging and then Start Charging. After that the error went away from screen and it started charging normally.

BrooklynTesla | December 7, 2018


I’ve got the same issue. Just started this week. Running version 46.2.

Basically it sounds like a clock, originates from the charge port area and ticks once every second or so.

I tried rebooting. Tried powering off the car. Disconnected my phone and turned off Bluetooth to see if it would continue when I’m disconnected from car. Unfortunately yes it does.

I don’t like the idea of that mechanism running all day and night. Would like to know if indeed this has something to do with the winter update or a software bug. I reported through the in-car big report.

If I don’t see any information or resolution on this online in a week, I’ll schedule a service visit.

donwilsodpw | December 8, 2018

Same issue here. Noticed that once the car goes to sleep, the clicking stops.

Ron.Olsberg | December 17, 2018

I have the firmware with the pin to drive option. My vampire drain has increased the last three days to around 7 miles/day (was 2-3 prior). I have noticed the cooling pump appears to running all the time the last two or three days (had this problem for several weeks when I first purchased the car last summer). I have not driven the car the last three days and the M3 is parked in my garage with the temp between 46-50F. It has NOT been plugged into shore power during this time period. I noticed a clicking sound at the charge port this morning, maybe that is keeping the car from going to sleep? I tried unlocking/re-locking the car and rebooting via the two scroll wheels on the steering wheel, Pump still running and port clicking. Does this clicking have something to do with the new winter mode firmware or does my charge port have a problem? The Tesla ranger is coming out for other issues today, I will discuss this with him at that time. BTW, the Bluetooth has been off on my phone for over a week.

Regards, Ron

007bond | December 17, 2018

I have 2018.48.1 cc5ef2e and noticed the clicking. In general everyone should stop calling in and taking cars for service unless there is a problem that prevents you from driving or a safety issue. All to often someone post I heard this noise and next post call Tesla.

Did you do this with all your past cars?????? I bet not.

Relax, drive the car enjoy.

@Ron.Olsberg Vamp drain same (note I use TeslaFI so all records are tracked exactly). That said yes I have noticed while charging the pump runs more. When my car was new that pump ran all the time for the first 1k so could be some learning thing. My car sleeps no issue with the click (verified with TeslaFI).

jzhobes | December 25, 2018

I just noticed this exact issue today. Can't definitively say if it's been happening and I just noticed it now or if it's been going on for a while, but I'm somewhat glad that it's not just me experiencing this. @ryanfranklin1103, have you check in with a service center to see if it's expected behavior?

Kumasasa | December 26, 2018

Right above this thread there is a way older thread of the same issue:

kbmi777 | December 26, 2018

Got delivery on 12/16. I am experiencing same issue. While car is parked in garage and not charging I am hearing this constant clicking sound from charge port. Also there is a continuous humming sound from front as if some motor is running all the time. It is annoying every time I walk in to my garage. I reported this issue to my post delivery issues checklist. So lets see what service center has to say.

rocha.francisco | January 7, 2020

I own a Model since December 2019 and I also have a clicking sound coming from my charging port. When I open it the sounds stops. So, I assume it is something to do with the locking mechanism. Is it normal? Anyone got feedback from Tesla on this?

rocha.francisco | January 7, 2020

I own a Model 3. Missed the three. :-)

stingray.don | January 7, 2020


Looks like your question was already asked and answered in the thread. It’s normal.

margauxboyaval | January 22, 2020

Our friend visited this weekend with his Model 3 (his has all the bells & whistles) and we couldn’t get his car to charge - the port kept clicking and wouldn’t lock in... we have a Model 3 Standard Plus with a garage installed Model 3 charger that charges just fine for our car, never had any problems with it. Anyone know why his car wouldn’t charge with our charger?