clicking sound when accelerating and decelerating (formerly known as 'decorating') in rear driver-side wheel

clicking sound when accelerating and decelerating (formerly known as 'decorating') in rear driver-side wheel

Today, I noticed (with the windows down) a click sound in the rear driver side wheel when I accelerate and then again when I decelerate - let the regen take over.
Has anyone else noticed this?
I have a service appointment set for Thursday but was curious.

I don't want to start a placebo affect but, as I only noticed it post 'brake OTA update' - I am wondering...

stefan | May 30, 2018

Argh, darn autocorrect - decelerate. regen.

same question - has anyone experienced a clicking noise in the back wheels when accelerating or decelerating ?

lilbean | May 30, 2018

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I have heard of clicking sounds coming from the aero caps. Do you have those?

Michael B | May 30, 2018

I only came here for decorating jokes. Haha. But no I’ve never heard any clicks. I don’t drive with window down often tho. I will intentionally listen for this tomorrow.

lilbean | May 30, 2018

I had to hold myself back from making decorating jokes yesterday.

Teslaguy | May 30, 2018

If you have the 18 inch wheels make sure you have no loose pebbles and rocks inside the hubcap

stefan | May 30, 2018

I never saw that view/edit button before. :) :) I can fix! YAY.
Yes, I have aero caps. Took the left side off to see (hear) if that was it. Same click so I'm assuming it's not the hubcap. :( Have service appointment tomorrow. Hopefully nothing major.

RSavage_92024 | May 30, 2018

Check torque on lug nuts?

badaman | May 30, 2018

Yes, when i step and let go the pedal i heard "click". Hmmm, weird right so tried again, step/let go, click. Then after few times, i got tired of the noise so stop. Now, i just blocked it out and not hearing anymore. Car drives normal, quiet ride so happy with that until wheels fall off.

arkreymer | May 31, 2018

I also just noticed a very faint click/clack from the rear, under 15 MPH, only audible with the windows down.
I hear nothing with the windows up,

It seems to be audible from both sides, so not likely a tire issue.
( Although it does sound a lot like the flapping of a flat tire ! )

Perhaps it is loudest when coasting slowly downhill, at a few MPH.

This is a recent Model 3, VIN near 10500.

IHaveArrived | May 31, 2018

Does the frequency of the clicking match the car speed? Often you can't hear that at higher speeds because the clicking is so rapid it's just background noise. Also, can you tell if the source of the sound is front-left, front-right, back-left or back-right? If that's true, check your tires for pebbles, nails, anything like that.

jefjes | May 31, 2018

If the sound isn't a repeated sound while moving and changing with speed, could it just be the sound the brake pads make when setting while going from accelerating then decelerating? Pads are usually in contact with the rotors even when not braking so set on one side of the caliper housing in one direction when accelerating then click to the other side when decelerating. This slight click is usually so slight that most people don't notice it but maybe in an EV with the windows down at slow speed it could be loud enough to be heard when not applying the brake. Since the regen is the braking unless an emergency or below a certain speed, the mechanical brake isn't being applied so the pads are allowed to float back and forth.

spockagain34 | May 31, 2018

I actually have noticed this too. Though for me I heard a rattling sound one day quite suddenly while driving. The rattle was gone after I reached my destination but since then I have noticed a click from the rear passenger side of the car, but only when slowing to a stop and then starting to move again. I also have the 18s, but I have the lug nut covers and center cap on right now, so there isn't anything getting stuck behind the aero cover. I can hear it with the windows up, I very rarely drive with them down. But since I am not getting any warnings from the car and everything seems to be working I didn't want to take it to a service center because I know they're swamped right now. If anyone else who happens to have this issue gets a solid answer for it, please let us know.

finman100 | May 31, 2018

how about the hub axle nut? it's the one with the cotter pin thru it on the axle end. could need to be re-torqued?

andrew | May 31, 2018

I had this identical issue with a 2013 Ford Fusion Hybrid, it took months for Ford to realize that they were assembling cars without a washer/spacer on the axle before putting on the wheel. The click was the wheel moving 1/16-1/8" in/out on the shaft during the start of acceleration or breaking.

stefan | May 31, 2018

It's in the service shop now. They think it's an easy fix, but log everything, upload it to the mothership, etc. so probably will get the car back tomorrow. I will report back as soon as I have new info. In the meantime, they gave me an 'S' loaner. It's nice but I want my 3. :)

Having owned used (and a lot noisier cars, I feel a bit silly complaining about such a small sound - but in a car that's only a few weeks old and cost significant dollars - there shouldn't be any odd noises.

arkreymer | June 1, 2018

The speed of my click-clack sound exactly matched the speed of the car.
Roughly once per revolution of the tires.
It was strongest when coasting at constant low speed, 2 to 4 MPH.
I checked the tires, and did not see any obvious pebbles or other items.

The sound persisted for 2 days, then went away the third day.
Complete silence now.
Perhaps something got into the wheel covers, and later fell out.

stefan | June 1, 2018

Got the car back. They torqued the rear suspension, lubricated the axle nuts and torqued them to spec.
took care of the problem so my guess is it was a bit of suspension creak. Now it's nice and quiet.

glenn | July 19, 2018

Ok I have the same problem that I noticed today so sounds like nothing serious but I'll get have looked at next time I'm at the service centre.

afonse002 | October 15, 2018

I have the same noise. My SC said that it is a loose gear (?) they compare it to gears separating (spacing) over time as a normal wear & tear. the repair is approx. $1200.

reiterroof | February 14, 2019

when accelerating in ludicrous there is a loud knocking noise. Im bringing it to the SC but wanted to insist on replacing the right parts if i know what parts that is

dt22cc | February 14, 2019

Could be rear axel clicking, which is common in rwd cars with high torque. Can be temporarily fixed by lubing and tightening down rear axel, but it will come back. Had it on my previous rwd ICE car.