Color of the Grey Rims

Color of the Grey Rims

Does anyone know what the exact color of the grey rims are?
I've emailed Tesla 3 times and no response.
I own the silver 21" rims and want to have them painted the stock grey color

Schlermie | June 27, 2013

In what manner do you want the color of grey expressed?

lolachampcar | June 28, 2013

Brembo brake pad dust grey.

Schlermie | June 28, 2013

It's similar to the grey plastic piece below the rear bumper on the bottom edge of the car.

jnb | June 28, 2013

order the rim touch-up paint and then have it color matched.

JonathanL | June 28, 2013

Per the paint stick I have it is Sonic Carbon 9000000-W2-A. I have not used it yet.