Come to me feature never gets old

Come to me feature never gets old

I have to admit that I bought the SR+ configuration simply wanting a reliable daily driver for commuting to work and running errands in town.

The NoA for me is more of a gimmick than something I would ever rely upon. I prefer to simply drive the car than let AP take control.

The absolute coolest thing is the “come to me” feature. Standing at the edge of the parking lot and having the driverless car back out of its spot, steering itself into the lane, and pulling up to me; simply amazing.

I am not easily impressed but I am bowled over by the advanced summon feature.

M3phan | October 9, 2019

“I am bowled over by the advanced summon feature.” Oh man, so sorry. Did it hurt? ; ))

Yes, it is cool.

EVRider | October 10, 2019

Since you have AP, you should try using it more, especially on longer drives. You don’t know what you’re missing. I could live without NoA, but not AP.

jimglas | October 10, 2019

I use AP 95% of the time
Relaxing and keeps me from speeding

Joshan | October 10, 2019

same with me, city and highway.

Firaz.ashraf | October 10, 2019

AP is even more useful in NYC traffic when there is nothing you can do about the bumper to bumper traffic.
but yes very relaxing in almost all scenarios and its just an option...but the more you use AP, the more applications of it you find to become more relaxed.

spuzzz123 | October 10, 2019

What’s the difference between “come to me” which I see sometimes but not always on my app, and smart summon? I haven’t had many opportunities to try them out and the manual online this site is out of date

rxlawdude | October 10, 2019

@spuzz, both are part of smart summon. The "come to me" sets the target at your phone's location, while "smart summon" allows you to set the target on the map.

spuzzz123 | October 10, 2019

Thanks RX makes sense.

CharleyBC | October 10, 2019

I was so ready for Come to Me to save the day a few days ago. We had perpendicular parked at a theatre. When we came out a couple hours later, we discovered a minivan had parted inches away from the driver’s side. Thin as I am, there was not a chance of getting in. So I stepped away a comfy distance, whipped out my phone, and said, “Come to me, Wattney!” Lights on. Noises. Something flashed on my phone screen, but I was looking at the car. I tried again. The app was telling me it’s not for use on public roads. Oh well.

My wife is littler than I am, so she got into the passenger side, and crawled across to save the day.

Mike83 | October 10, 2019

I guess the Tesla camera caught this sad maneuver. Auto park would have been much safer.

charles.a.braun | October 10, 2019

@CharleyBC - Regular summon probably would have still worked in either forward or reverse to allow the car to pull out of the spot so you could get in. Regular summon works just fine on public streets. Or at least it used to. I can't say that I have tried it since getting "smart" summon.

M3phan | October 10, 2019

Toggle between Go to Target and Come to Me on the summon screen by pressing the target icon upper right.

CharleyBC | October 10, 2019

@charles.a.braun: Doh! I didn't even think to try that.

kevin_rf | October 10, 2019

Sentry mode capturing unsafe parking lot behavior since 2018. Advanced summon will take away all the fun.