Compare & Contrast interior décor

Compare & Contrast interior décor

I'm about to sign my paperwork (for a second time, after deciding to change exterior color from RED to BLUE), and really wish I could get a good, close-up view of the décor choices. Something bigger than the swatches at your local Tesla store.

So, owners help me out. What are your impressions of Piano Black, Obeche Matte & Glossy, and Lacewood (which is the way I'm leaning)? I'm not interested in personal color preferences, since that is subjective. Everyone has their own opinion! What I'm looking for are any practical implications which I may not have thought about. I.E. - Is Lacewood a dust magnet - all those little crevices. Is Piano black a magnet for fingerprints & glare?

Any input is very much appreciated!

Kyle in Madison

non-P 85/Blue/Gray/Lacewood??/19"/Air/Tech/Sound
Delivery estimated Apr/May

Electron | February 8, 2013

We have lacewood. No dust problems thus far. It's an interesting material. In normal light,
it appears quite dark with a cool texture. But when the sun shines on it just right it is a really
cool brown and black undulating pattern. I like it because most of the time it is understated,
but I can understand others not feeling that way.

schoendp | February 8, 2013

The glossy finishes (piano black and obeche gloss) are definitely more likely to show fingerprints. If you have kids, these finishes are probably best to stay away from. However, if it just you that is mostly driving, I think the fingerprint issue shouldn't be too big a problem.

For obeche, the gloss makes the wood look a little lighter and the matte is a little darker. In my opinion (if you don't care about finger prints), I would go matte with black or grey interior and glossy with tan.

kyleket | February 8, 2013


This is the appearance I'd suspected (hoped for), yet in close-up photos, it almost looks like when air bubbles are trapped under the plastic protective screen on a new electronic product.

How significant are the crevices? Can you feel them?


dgw | February 8, 2013

We just got our Blue/Tan/Lacewood MS. The lacewood has a subtle bas-relief that is not just a light effect. When you run your fingers over it you can feel the variation in depth, which is a millimeter or less. In low angle light the undulations are really apparent. In direct light it just looks like a flat (but interesting) pattern.

As for dust, most of the lacewood surfaces are vertical or near vertical, so accumulation shouldn't be a problem. In any event, swiffer dusters are very effective for cleaning surfaces with fine grooves.

RedShift | February 8, 2013

I had lacewood originally. I thought it was smooth finish. It was not ( I saw it in person and touched it in the Tesla store). Switched to glossy obech in lieu of dull (for me).

kisspg10 | February 9, 2013

obeche matte with the tan seats: gorgeous!!

Shelmire | February 9, 2013

Piano Black is the cleanest looking. In the future collectors will like the exotics, but to me they fight with the interior. Piano is not only a standard option, it is by far the most elegant and least obtrusive.

brijam | February 9, 2013

No question for me. Piano black. The others feel like the past.

TheAustin | February 9, 2013

I have Blue with grey leather and matte Obeche, which I LOVE. I wouldn't done it every other way. The grey and matte Obece look so great together, very Zen. I've heard complaints about the glossy trims (Gloss Obeche and Piano Black) reflecting glare, and showing fingerprints. The matte Obeche is by far my favorite...The carbon fiber looks cool, but to Hi-tech for me. The Lacewood looks a little cheap to me, and the Piano Black looks VERY cheap to me.

Detail photos of the greay leather with matte Obeche here: