Compare Delivery Experiences?

Compare Delivery Experiences?

My Signature P85 arrived in a very sad state:

- Driver arrived 8 hours late, and required me to escort him to my house because he did not have a GPS.
- No protective covering at all, though transported in a trailer with another Model S.
- Car Shifted 7 degrees in transit because the driver hit some black ice. I had to assist with a 10 point turn within the trailer to get my car out, in the dark of night.
- Exterior was covered in dirt; the trailer was washed after my car was loaded and the dirty water dripped all over it.
- The car was stored by the Tesla delivery driver for a month because I was out of country; it was only plugged in to a 110V outlet, and it was not covered. A significant amount of dog hair was present on the paint.
- Missing spoiler (though I hear this is not an isolated issue).
- Front license plate mount installed (though not requested).
- Mobile connector had a large dent in the covering.
- Summer tires were crammed in the trunk, and atop the folded down seats, causing abrasions on the underside of the trunk lip (and deformations in the leather, which have appeared to work themselves out.

Tesla Vancouver is willing to work with me to rectify some of the above; but for the price of the car, I was very surprised at how poorly it was delivered.

bsimoes | April 6, 2013

My delivery was on time, and my DS spent a few hours going over the car with me. That being said, it was delivered without any covering, and was pretty filthy. My DS even commented that the person responsible for cleaning it before delivery would be in tears if (s)he could have seen it. I have the dark green; I've never had a car this dark before, and am surprised at how it never appears to be clean. In the videos of deliveries I had seen, cars came either in a covered trailer, or they were wrapped in some sort of white covering; geez, come to think of it, it would seem that they could've used a Tesla car cover. The car was hauled from Boston to Vermont with no protection--flying rock chips, rain, dirt, etc. That was pretty disappointing. It did not have the shiny gleam of a fresh wax job. It was pretty lackluster and flat because of all the dirt it accrued in its 200+ mile journey to my house. Nothing was wrapped or protected inside the car either, and it was not fully charged. It came with something like 87 miles on it; I really didn't feel like I could take it very far. Oh well. A distant memory now. I look out at it as I sit here typing and think about where I want to run to today! It is such fun.

gasnomo | April 6, 2013

Similar poor delivery experience here. Car was driven on flatbed without protective covering from NJ to my home in NY and was quite dirty. Car was not fully charged, and paint armor, which I have since removed, had bubbles everywhere. I also received the car without an insurance inspection sticker (not legal in NY State), and they registered my car under new plates despite my requesting they register with my old plates.

I also have the dark green and I concur that it seems to collect dust etc, meaning it never has that really waxed look.

Fortunately owning and driving the car has made up for the delivery experience.

skymaster | April 6, 2013

My delivery was perfect.

The car showed up 6 months early and everything was exceptional!!!

skymaster | April 6, 2013

I forgot to add, within 30 days I will order another one...I MUST have 2!!!

negarholger | April 6, 2013

...I MUST have 2!!! That is what one foot driving is doing to you.

My delivery was picture perfect. However service so far has been less then stellar.

rodhoffman | April 6, 2013

Ditto Symaster and Kleist!

I took delivery at the Denver Service Center (as recommended by my delivery specialist) in lieu of home delivery. I did have some anxiety as I live at 8,500 feet and snow is always an issue in March and April. My delivery was March 27th and it was a perfect day. They had a long-time owner spend time with me (owned a roadster and just traded in on the Model S).

He spent two hours with me as did several of the service guys. I have an 85 with most of the options except 21" wheels.

My delivery was amazing! They even showed me the inside of a car they had dissaembled so I learned about how everything is put togther - very cool. They also gave me hints on maintenance of the leather tan interior and other insights.

I have purchased several Benz vehicles (190E, E320 4Matic) and this experience was the best I have ever had in comparison and taht was a high bar!

Rod in Evergreen, CO.

PS - for those considering home delivery - bag it! Go to a Service Center or Showroom - you will learn lots and be treated like a celebrity!

stosh3 | April 6, 2013

Mine was delivered this past Monday. I might be the exception but mine was supposed to be delivered on 4/6 but the driver called and asked if I could meet on 4/1 which worked out fine. Enclosed trailer and covered with a white cover. Was spotless. Due Bill: parcel shelf and spoiler.

Nathan at TM has called to ensure everything was ok and offerred again to have a DS meet me. But I think I've watched every video and read every post so I declined.

Michael A | April 6, 2013

Looks like the majority of owners did not have many problems, which is good because I would like to believe that Tesla is doing a good job.

I will be in touch with the Vancouver store manager today to try and sort out the reconditioning of my vehicle; I will post the results.

njelectric | April 6, 2013

Took delivery in early March at Springfield, NJ prep center. Car was clean, perfect and ready when they promised. I too would recommend going to a Tesla facility if it is close enough. I got the car sooner with less drama. I know some states do not allow that but NY area is OK.

Xerogas | April 17, 2013

My DS told me that Tesla no longer offers home delivery. Wasn't that supposed to be one of the great luxury experiences that sets them apart from other manufacturers?

tylerhen | April 18, 2013

I just filled out the delivery questionnaire on 4/5 and Home Delivery was an option. I chose to pick it up since it is only 20 minutes away and figured I might get it a little sooner. My DS still hasn't contacted me so it is possible that if I picked Home Delivery they would have called and said that isn't possible.

elguapo | April 18, 2013

I filled out questionnaire on Monday and home delivery was not an option. That said, I live less than 2 miles from the service center and wanted to pick-up there anyway.

jeffaa | April 18, 2013

I completed the questionnaire 3 days ago. My options were home delivery, or service center pick-up. As I live in Denver, and not too far from the service center, I opted to pick it up there.

RyanMN | April 18, 2013

My home delivery was below my expectations (no DC in MN, so home delivery is only option).

Car came with 1/4 charge
No Charging cable or 110 adapter
No temporary plates.
The car was clean, and the driver was nice.

Eventually all of those issues were sorted out, but I had a beautiful car sitting in the garage for 2 days till I got the charging cable and temporary plates. I got a lot of flak for buying a car over the internet.

NKYTA | April 18, 2013

Got home delivery on flatbed, car was clean enough from 30 minute drive from Fremont.
Spent 1.5 hours with the DS who answered all my questions, gave me temp registration etc.
Car was delivered with 22 miles on it and about 3/4 charge.

Overall a massively great experience. Only issue was driver was 40 minutes later than expected. _That_ is an agonizingly long time when you are waiting for your new technological wonder, on the curb outside no less!

alsettesla | April 18, 2013

I had to be at the airport at 5am, so the driver delivered the car at 3:30 am. It came in a completely enclosed carrier with 3 other Model S's and a Lamborghini (still haven't figured that out). The driver was great. We met at a hotel parking lot near my home, and I was home by 4:15 in time to plug in and head to the airport. I had a minor charger problem, and a Ranger came as soon as I called and everything has been perfect since then. All in all, it was a great experience (24 days from finalizing to delivery).

mdtaylor69 | April 18, 2013

I took home delivery in late February and the driver arrived a few minutes early. The car was spotless and fully charged. Charging cable was in the car along with all 3 power adapters, and the temporary tags. License plates arrived a few weeks later. Spent an hour with the DS going over features and did a short test drive to make sure everything worked as expected. No complaints.