Completed 3 weeks as Model X owner... exiting and minor disappointments...

Completed 3 weeks as Model X owner... exiting and minor disappointments...

Update - 01/17

Completed ~ 1800 miles (Madison - Atlanta), drive was great. Autopilot worked awesome even during the Ice storm.

Hello friends,

First time Tesla owner and got my Model X on 22nd Dec. I didn't go through the regular process of ordering and waiting for few months instead selected one from the existing inventory (could not continue driving my ICE vehicle after test driving MX :)). The very first week I drove from Madison,Wisconsin to Atlanta, Georgia and must admit it was a wonderful drive ~ 900 miles. Now since am getting closer to a month, wanted to share the good and also things that needs improvement (not sure if i am repeating the same points from some of the current owners).

1. Overall I am impressed by the way the whole car works as a unit(batteries, EPA, screen response, Trunk/Frunk space, Interior space, Auto-Pilot (5 Stars) etc...)
2. Super charging works really amazing.
3. Over the air updates, loved the Xmas lights show.

Needs Improvements:
1. Build quality definitely has a room of improvement and actually needs to improve. So far I already have a couple of things that needed SC attention - Driver side falcon door dumps water onto the 2nd row seats when opened on a rainy day or when there is water on the roof (saw few other complain about the same thing). The SC guy said that the drain system rubber does not have enough gap to actually drain the water, they have put in a order but it would take a month or two it seems. The second one relates to either front passenger seat or door, slight squeaky noise when driving at slower speeds (at least that is when i hear it). i have not called the SC on the 2nd one yet.
2. Probably had the worst car buying experience, there was a lot of communication gap or miscommunication between Tesla Sr.Advisors at the delivery location, Tesla Finance team and Tesla Delivery team. There was a big goof-up at the time of delivery, after 3 hrs of back & forth calls and emails,they realized the mistake and to save their butts promised me free weather mats, tire repair kit. Here is the kicker, earlier this week when I reminded the Sr.Advisor about the mats, he got so pissed and sends me an email saying that i am acting like a extortionist. I guess they only respect before signing the papers.
3. Ability to make LTE as a hotspot.
4. Better Phone App, add more controls like seat heaters etc.

So far these are some that i have on top of my head and hopefully i wont find anything new.

Dublin MX | January 12, 2017

I picked up mine on 12/20 and got the same problems on squeaky noise at passenger door when driving slow speed and water get in to our car seat when FWD open on rainy day and water on the roof. Reported and scheduled for service but still enjoy it everyday, hope your will get it fix soon

info | January 12, 2017

Got my car on the 22 and now problems at all. Only waiting for update. Nice help also in factory in the netherlands

PedanticOne | January 12, 2017

Glad you like the car, and sorry to hear of the buying experience woes. Your sales experience would make me want to escalate to management. Unless you were being overly pushy or difficult, I don't see why they would treat you like that. Technically, even if you were being overly difficult, they shouldn't treat you like that.

Saxman | January 12, 2017

Out of curiosity:

how many days did you take to make the one way trip?
Did you expect the trip to take as long as it did?
Did you find SC Stations convenient to avoid Range Anxiety.

Hope you continue enjoying your MX

Redmiata98 | January 12, 2017

There ARE screen controls for the seat heaters. They are at the bottom of the touch screen, controlling heat/air conditioning. They are also at a tab (if you got cold weather option)!that also includes heater for steering wheel and wipers. See page 115 of the owners guide.

MhoPower | January 12, 2017

@Redmiata - OP was referring to the phone app

Redmiata98 | January 12, 2017

Thanks, sorry.

Vawlkus | January 13, 2017

It actually surprises me that the seat & wheel heaters aren't available for activation from the app, but I suppose being in Cali no one thought it would be a good thing to have :P

Redmiata98 | January 13, 2017

Cali, Columbia or California?

teslas3xy | January 13, 2017

@PedanticOne: Well i asked them to give me in writing for the promises they made during delivery and the Sr.advisor sent me an email after a couple of days saying and I quote "The mats may not be available for about a year, but if I see them sooner I will let you know." to which i asked him politely if he could order the Frunk and Trunk mats since they are available now and i can get the interior mats from a 3rd party as waiting for an year wont be a good idea (at least for me since i live in Wisconsin). The rest is history as I mentioned in my original post.

@Saxman: Well since it was my first long drive in MX, I planned for a night halt at Bowling Green,KY. I think it took me about 12- 13 hrs as i was driving around 70 and the Indiana roads were horrible. I used for a good understanding of the route and charging, it was well in my expected time. The best thing about range is that you can completely trust it (I admit i was anxious while driving but not anymore). SC stations were well placed. My preferred route previously(ICE) was through I57 & I24 but they didnt have a SC between Mt.Vernon and Nashville(Now they do and i will be driving back in this route this weekend).

@Vawlkus: Not a good package option for us in colder states if we can turn those on through the app. I hope Tesla realizes that and soon updates the app.

Thank you all for your wishes :), No matter what the issues i had with the advisers or those minor things that needs to be fixed, I love my MX.

Choconiza | January 13, 2017

I agree with you in both good and bad experience. I haven't got my Model X yet, but I can't wait for mine to be delivered in March.
As far as sales team experience, I have also faced 3 weeks of no communication from the sales team even after calling them multiple times. I have also seen employees here sitting idle and not picking up ringing phone at this center. I was so unhappy that I almost canceled my order with $2,500 loss for the non-refundable deposit. Thankfully Tesla headquarter was much more professional. I faced this problem in Orlando tesla center and I ended up choosing my pickup in Tampa area, even though I will have to go way out of my way to pick up my Model X.
I hope I do not see any issues with my model X as I certainly do not wish to go to Orlando center which is closest to me after my last experience with them while placing the order.

Saxman | January 13, 2017


Glad you had a good experience & thanks for reporting back.

I am planning a 1100+ mile trip next week on a route I did a couple weeks ago. I think my range anxiety should be diminished.

kwalter | January 16, 2017

I picked up my Model X and it's been a fantastic experience. Ordered it November 14th, and delivered December 17th, no noises, no seat issues, no water leaking in. Still waiting on AutoPilot and 8.1 etc. My only small issue was they dropped the ball on registration with DMV, and my temp reg expires tomorrow. I've made them aware and they are working frantically getting it back in line so I can drive my $108K lux EV soon. Superchargers have been amazing. Longest trip was 300 miles, 600 RT.

teslas3xy | January 17, 2017

@Kwalter: Congratulations on your new MX. I will have to check with mine regarding the registration, thanks for reminding :)

WSE51 | January 17, 2017

I've enjoyed reading everyone's comments. One thought about using the mobile app to turn on the seat warmers: to me those seem to be a feature that is used for its instant heat.... i.e. you don't need a long time to warm up the seat once you turn on the seater heater from the touch screen. To warm the entire cabin, and to pre-heat the battery pack does take a long time, so it is great that the mobile app allows for this. So perhaps this is not a feature at the top of their list for developing the next version of the mobile app.

Here is my requested feature -- either the mobile app, or the energy app on the touchscreen, or both of them should show the instantaneous charging in Rated Miles per hour. Instead they show the average Rate Miles per hour added. At a Supercharger there can be a huge difference between average and instant, especially when the battery is more than 50% full. I think that if owners could see how slowly they are charging near the top, it would motivate them to free up the space earlier. The app and the dashboard show instant charging rate in kWH but you need a calculator and a formula to convert that into Rated Miles per hour

X Red 5 | January 18, 2017

I picked up my MX 90D 12/27. The delivery experience was spoiled by the purchase paperwork being not ready giving not enough time between my delivery appointment and my credit union to process. I as they say "greased the skids" but was 30 minutes late and missed part of the presentation. The team did give us their full attention once they realized we were there.
So far I love the vehicle, it drives like a bat out of hell with great handling. I would like to see the interior detailing, fit and finish up to Toyota/Lexus standards. Most other manufactures have not impressed me as far as fit and finish. As all of you I am waiting for the full autopilot features to be delivered. I would rather Tesla be late on their delivery schedule than drive with buggy software.
Next will be the anticipation of self-driving. I am use to being on the bleeding edge of technology so my patience may be tempered by that.

Lumina1 | January 18, 2017

@abedi I ordered in Jacksonville at a Tesla Store. Everyone was super helpful. My delivery was in Orlando at the Service Center. The sales side did seem lacking, but I was happy with the Service Center when I needed service.

The delivery was good except that I didn't get a license frame or Tesla swag. I don't know why Tesla doesn't have reception or operators at the Service Centers.

Lumina1 | January 18, 2017

@abedi I ordered in Jacksonville at a Tesla Store. Everyone was super helpful. My delivery was in Orlando at the Service Center. The sales side did seem lacking, but I was happy with the Service Center when I needed service.

The delivery was good except that I didn't get a license frame or Tesla swag. I don't know why Tesla doesn't have reception or operators at the Service Centers.

teslas3xy | January 18, 2017

@WSE51: I am glad that you liked all the posts and regarding the seat warmer feature, the reason we would like to have the ability to turn on the warmers thru app is because the temperatures do go down well into 10's or sometimes less than that during peak winter(at least in Wisconsin) and the leather seats are really cold (turning on the cabin warmers would use a lot of battery power in those temperatures).

WSE51 | January 18, 2017

@Jagatmakuri, you make a good point if the car is plugged into power in a cold garage.As long as you are heating the air in the cabin, might as well also heat the seats.

burdogg | January 18, 2017

Do other car companies heat seats with no one in them? I am just asking out of pure curiosity - ie is there a reason the seat does not get warm without someone in it. I believe even if you are in the Tesla and you turn the seat heater on say the passenger side with no one in there, it does not warm up - am I correct? Is this a safety issue - ie too much heat through the seat with no one present could (and it may be very very slight chance but even a chance is not good) actually cause a seat to catch fire? Just my thoughts on it and wondering if that is possible and if so, then one could understand that without direct supervision, no car company would want to take the even small risk of fire inside the car :)

teslas3xy | January 18, 2017

@burdogg: That actually is a very good question. Not sure how it is configured or built in MX but I know few other ICE cars which allow to warm up the seats without anyone on it using the remote. Also based on a quick search most of the seat heaters have trip sensors in case the seat gets too hot .

burdogg | January 18, 2017

Yeah - it just makes you wonder though if there is a reason they don't. I agree it would be really nice - my garage at work has no heat in it and it is around 20 degrees. When I get in after work, that seat is really cold :) If it could be prewarmed, I wouldn't need to prewarm the car.