Conditioning the car w/o charging the battery?

Conditioning the car w/o charging the battery?

Is it possible to plug the MS in at home just to condition the car (inside temperature) without actually charging the battery? This would be an option if one has free charging at work, say, and wants to save a few $.

PaceyWhitter | April 25, 2013

Not currently.

jat | April 25, 2013

You can plug it in, then immediately stop charging.

DTsea | April 25, 2013

no. if you stop charging it wont run the AC from line power- only from the battery pack.

stealth_mode | April 25, 2013

In theory you would need to decrease the charge rate to compensate vampire losses and the battery conditioning draw.
of implement a new function like "maintain current SOC" shouldn't be that difficult I guess.

Getting Amped Again | April 25, 2013

The interior warms up very quickly because, unlike an ICE, warm air is expelled instantly from the vents (I assume it's from resistive heating elements). With the exception of the leather seats, it's very comfortable inside the car in about five minutes unless it's very cold.

Now we just need remote activation of seat-heating with the mobile app *please*.

Brian H | April 25, 2013

Plug it in and reduce the amps (charging) to 1 - 10 range. It will add few or no miles, but will warm battery and cabin.

agiangone | April 27, 2013

@Got Amped
The kid at the service center told me that there is no resistive element. He mentioned using the same fluid used for AC...I guess it is a heat pump then.

jat | April 27, 2013

@agiangone - my understanding is there is both a heat pump and a resistive heating element, and the latter is used only when it is very cold.

Getting Amped Again | April 27, 2013

I guess anything's possible, but you get warm air instantly and I've never heard any compressor rumble.

For those of you on the EV fence, I've got to tell it doesn't suck to never get into a 10 or 130 degree car again!

Jgdixon | April 27, 2013

Rumor has this is coming in the next software release 4.5

DTsea | April 27, 2013

dont understand why you dont want to let the car charge.

cerjor | April 27, 2013

Can you plug in and then choose a time to start charging that is after the time you want to heat or cool?

Brian H | April 27, 2013

He doesn't want to pay for it.

Robert22 | April 27, 2013

Heating: Leave it in the sun out on the driveway. Cooling is more difficult, do you happen to have any caves in the immediate vicinity?