Confused about Ranger service vs. valet vs. loaners

Confused about Ranger service vs. valet vs. loaners

I am expecting to take possession of my car later this month, but have a question for those of you who have used Tesla's Ranger service and understand their service policies better than I do.

I live ~120 miles from the nearest Tesla service center. I was told by a Tesla sales guy that their recently announced valet service is only available if you live within 50 miles of a service center. I purchased unlimited Ranger service, but am unsure (A) what situations will still require me to take it to a service center and (B) what will happen in a few scenarios, such as:

1) The car needs to be repaired or serviced and a Ranger determines that he cannot fix it at my location. What happens then?

2) If I have to take the car to a service center to get the annual service done and they need to keep the car overnight to address an unexpected issue. Will I get a loaner? Will they bring the car back to my house/work the next day?

jed-99aggie | July 4, 2013

This is how it was explained to me. In your case, Ranger service means Tesla services the car at your location of choice. If they need to bring it in to a SC they will trailer the vehicle into a service center (avoiding additional odometer mileage on your car.). This all assumes of course that the vehicle is operational.

If the vehicle is disabled, then it is towed which is common to those of us with or without Ranger service.

Yeah the whole Valet service/loaner SC radius fine print radius was not mentioned during the anoucement. I was told 25 mile radius from SC by Tesla Service CA and 1 hr driving time radius by local SC Manager. Similar but still some variation in what the program includes.