"Cost" of autopilot?

"Cost" of autopilot?

What's with all the news outlets reporting that the autopilot download costs $2500? Is this just complete lunacy and they're equating the $2500 upgrade cost for a new build with Autopilot Suite to the free firmware update? Or are people's credit cards being charged when the update downloads? Still waiting on my X so I don't have first hand knowledge...

Tâm | October 19, 2015

There is a difference between Model S website and Model X's.

Model S says very clearly that Autopilot costs $2,500 if you pre-pay or $3,000 if you pay after delivery.

It is unclear whether Model X will give you Autopilot for free or not yet because its pricing is not displayed.

speyerj | October 19, 2015

Yeah, that's clear. But the outlets are reporting that the DOWNLOAD costs $2,500, which as far as I can tell is complete rubbish.

alex | October 19, 2015

The "download" is free, so to speak. But to activate the functionality, you'll need to pay $3,000.

If you aren't buying a new car, the $2,500 ship has sailed.

speyerj | October 19, 2015

OK...either folks aren't understanding my question or I'm not understanding the answer. Here is the NYT quote "Autopilot is not free (the download costs $2,500)". To me, this sounds like they're implying that Tesla is charging every existing S owner $2,500 to turn on the autopilot feature in V7.

So if you already owned an S that was manufactured in the last ~12 months, when you downloaded V7, in order for autopilot to start working, did you have to pay Tesla an additional $2,500? Not if you are purchasing an S today, not if you ordered one yesterday and didn't pay for the $2,500 Autopilot Suite...if you already have an S that has the sensor suite that they've been installing for months.

danCE | October 19, 2015

I have an 85D, delivered in May. I paid extra for the tech package at the time. When I installed v.7 last week, AutoPilot started working and I didn't have to pay anything extra.

Pbfoot | October 19, 2015

I have P85D that was delivered in end of 2014. At that time, Tech Package and autopilot were bundled, and cost $4250.

speyerj | October 19, 2015

Thanks! That was what I thought @dance & @pbfoot. No charge for existing owners as long as you have purchased the necessary hardware already.

EVRider | October 19, 2015

@speyer: Every Model S manufactured in the last ~12 months has the hardware (sensors etc.) required by Autopilot. The "Autopilot Convenience Features" package that costs $2,500 when you order (or $3,000 afterwards) is just the AP software that makes use of of existing hardware. Anyone who already paid that gets the V7 AP functionality without paying more.

So, while the quote was misleading, it's true that every Model S owner pays (at least) $2,500 to use AP, but that's separate from the V7 update, which is free.

EVRider | October 19, 2015

I should add that even if you don't pay for AP features, the standard hardware still gives you some of the safety features like blind spot and lane departure warnings.

brec | October 19, 2015


An S that was manufactured in the last (mumble) months has all the hardware required for autopilot, whether or not the car was ordered with the $2,500 option.

If the car was ordered WITH the $2,500 option, the download of 7.0 delivers autopilot features. If the car was ordered WITHOUT the autopilot features, the download does not deliver the features. It is not a hardware issue.

My car was delivered Sept. 11, 2015. I did not buy the $2,500 option. 7.0 downloaded on Oct. 14. I do not have autopilot (nor TACC). I do have the sensors, though; on my instrument panel I can see a representation of the car ahead of me (if there is one), the lane boundaries, and side obstacle indications.

But I will have autopilot on Thursday, Oct. 22, when a Service Center will calibrate the (already-existing) sensors and install the requisite software -- which will cost me $3,000 ($2,500 + $500).

"The download costs $2,500" is thus not true, although it's not terribly misleading, either, as for most autopilot users its cost is $2,500.

alex | October 19, 2015


You really are not getting this. Autopilot costs $2,500. If you did not pay for autopilot, you do not get autopilot. You get the v7.0 software without autopilot. It looks like this:

You must purchase autopilot if you did not purchase it with your car. It costs $3,000 to activate the software on a car that has compatible hardware.