Cost to install wall connector

Cost to install wall connector

How much should it cost to install wall connector and add 60 amp circuit breaker?

mattmannino65 | July 30, 2018

I used one of the Tesla recommended vendors in my area (Central NJ) and they charged me $475, about what I expected. Great job - no complaints!

voytres | July 30, 2018

A lot of different factors can affect the price.

jon | July 30, 2018

How far from the panel? How much open space in the panel? Service size and utilization? Permit costs? Etc?

2ajaypatel | July 30, 2018

I paid around $950 with permit cost in Atlanta,GA area.

Atoms | July 30, 2018

$500 for wall connector
$80 trip charge
$80/hr (3-4 hours)
Permit - if you do it, just cost of permit. If Electrician does it, cost of permit plus $80/hr waiting in line and driving. Let the electrician do the load panel calculation and breaker panel summary and plan drawing at the time of quote. Probably $80. Then You can wait in line.
Installation and materials about $550 plus wall connector $500, plus permit and paperwork $230 for a total of $1300.
Quite reasonable. Note I use AWG4 for the power lines to improve efficiency. This may increase total cost by $50. EMT increases from 3/4” to 1” but entry to wall charger is 1”.

mattmannino65 | July 30, 2018

I was lucky. The connecter went right next to the circut panel - no extra work was needed.

jordanrichard | July 30, 2018

This is like comparing insurance quotes.

It depends on how far is it from your service panel to where you want the plug. How much work is needed to be done to get the outlet to that spot. How much the required wiring and breaker cost in your area. Then what it costs to pull a permit and lastly, what the avg. rate is for electricians in your area.

jjaroundtheclock | July 30, 2018

is it need a permit?
because i put it on with out permit

Magic 8 Ball | July 30, 2018

Why are you going to use a 60A breaker instead of 50A?

voytres | July 30, 2018

@Magic 8 Ball

It is per Tesla recommendation:

We recommend installing the Wall Connector with a power output to match the on-board charger of the vehicle, typically a 40, 60 or 90 amp circuit breaker.

For Model 3 it will be 44 m/h

voytres | July 30, 2018


Depends wich state, which city.

A lot of people installed their chargers without permits. I don't know as of now the worst case scenario in case of something.

jon | July 30, 2018

@jjaroundtheclock the permit may or may not be needed depending on local laws/codes/rules. Most of my life I lived where a permit would not be required, where I currently live a permit is required for everything including replacing an outlet, and I have lived someplace where the permit is not needed if the homeowner does it but is if someone is paid to do it.

Magic 8 Ball | July 30, 2018

Okay, I misunderstood and thought the OP was going to install an outlet to plug the HPWC into.

NJTeslas | July 30, 2018

@mattmannino65 care to share electrician's info. I'm in central jersey as well

95dawg | July 30, 2018

You just need to get few quotes. Too many variables. We can say it will be between $200 - $1000. :)

Just living in a high rent ZIP code will jack up your quotes.

markr7 | July 30, 2018

Paid $750 for a 40' Run + 60 Amp breaker. (From Tesla Certified Electrician)
Important Note: My electrician pointed out to me that he moved 2 20 amp light switch breakers to the bottom of the box & put the Tesla 60 Amp breaker at the top (where the power feeds in.
He told me the reason to do it this way is when the charger kicks on if it's at the bottom (furthest away from the feed)
your lights may dim out for a couple of seconds. By putting the Tesla 60 Amp at the top it hits that first & no one in the house would ever know... Just a tip for you all.

maki808 | July 30, 2018

It all depends on where you live. There are honest electricians and not so honest ones. The reason why is it all depends on where you live. My friend had his done for $500. I called the recommended electricians and got a ball park from $1800 to $4000 for the same work. Go figure. I ended up installing it myself. 60 amp breaker with 6 gauge wires and miscellaneous items for under $60. I'm in California.

socaldave | July 30, 2018

I'm in LA - I have an older 100A panel with no room for the 60A breaker, so I need to do a subpanel. That, and about a 40' run was quoted at $2500. I've run that number by some people I know in the trade (unfortunately none of them are local) and they seem to think it fair.

mattmannino65 | July 31, 2018

@NJTeslas: I used Princeton Electrical Makeover (609-647-4986). Alex Kovell handled the quote (requested and received online), an electrican named John did the work. An all around good experience. Additional contact information:, 335 New Road, Suite 4b, Monmouth Junction 08852, NJ License #16244, Tesla Recommended Electrician

I'm in the Robbinsville area zipping around in a silver Model 3. Give me a beep if you pass by!

TeslaPoweredArt | December 15, 2018

Hello, I have paid $300 total. I am in NYC area. If anyone needs, my electrician’s name, please let me know.

AZTesla | December 15, 2018

I am getting mine installed in a couple of days for $250.00. The charger will be situated behind the service panel though, so the amount of wiring needed will be minimal, which will reduce the cost by quite a bit.

kenshintr | December 15, 2018

Anyone have their install in the Sacramento area and would recommend the electrician? Thanks.

Atoms | December 15, 2018

For the 1” EMT 33’ long with 60A breaker and 4AWG wire, it cost me $1100 including the charger and city permit. I had to do the permit myself. I ordered and purchased all materials and I paid the electrician hourly and trip charge.

I strongly recommend a permit and electrician install for insurance purposes. To kee costs down, you need to do the footwork for the permit. An electrician can help, but they will need to be paid for their work. An hour should more than cover it $80 plus trip charge.

ricksli | December 15, 2018

I used Tesla. Was $1250 with 24’ cord. Straight forward install. Mounted right near box which lines up with the port. I got the extra length so it can charge on the driveway as well.

shawncordell | December 15, 2018

Just installed a second wall connector for the wife’s model 3 with load sharing. Cost me sweat and a few hours.

Neomaxizoomdweebie | January 6, 2019

I am comfortable doing my own labor on home installs of ceiling lights/fans, plumbing, etc. Fairly handy with home maintenance. I've never tackled installing something like a new 240V line from the breaker box. Any good websites or youtube videos you consulted to get the job done safely?

Tronguy | January 6, 2019

In my place, the breaker box is in the garage, to the right of where the car is parked. The wife and I wanted the TWC on the left side of the car, on the bit between the two garage doors, where it was more convenient. That was the deciding factor on going with an electrician, since pulling wire up through the wall the breaker box was mounted in, over through the attic, running plastic conduit from the attic down to the TWC, and pulling the wire though the plastic conduit got to be out of my comfort zone.
1. Wire gauge is no biggie. I'd suggest an AWG that could carry 100A in case one ever gets a Model S or something more hungry down the pike. A 100A breaker isn't that much more costly than a 60A.
2. Interestingly, there are tables that electricians look through when deciding what size breaker/load one can put on a panel. I've got 200A service; the 60A breaker put in doesn't strain the math. Not sure if you'd get the same answer if you've got 100A service.
3. The uniform building code (UCC?) in NJ was modified this year, so adding an outlet, even a 240 VAC outlet, counts as "minor work" and doesn't necessarily require a permit. Your municipality may differ in opinion on that. As of today, you could probably run out and put all the breakers, wire, and so on in there without anybody at city hall noting the fact. But, come the day you sell the place, Trouble may arise.
For what it's worth, I had to go through the trouble of mounting an electric meter in the garage to accurately measure the power generated by a bunch of solar panels. I did go through the trouble of getting a permit; after the fact, the inspector came on down, gave the meter, its little magnetic couplers, and my wiring/conduit job a good, hard stare, and signed off on it. More power to him: At least I was assured I didn't make the kind of stupid goof that would Burn the House Down.
Which is the point, really. While I'm sure there's bunches of Tesla owners who know their way around 4 AWG wire and such, this isn't exactly a clothes drier socket. And any mistakes made here could be, well, fatal.
Be careful.

hamiltonned | January 6, 2019

I did mine. The entrance panel was on outside of garage 3 feet from where I wanted the inside outlet to be. And there was a spare double breaker slot. There are lots of YT videos. Be careful about wire gauge, breaker size, and use a double gang box for the NEMA1450.

Neomaxizoomdweebie | January 6, 2019

Tronguy, hamiltonned,
Thank you for the information. It's possible that I could do the job right but I think I'm going to sit this one out and hire a professional. I don't need the stress of possibly blacking out my house/neighborhood and my wife doesn't need the life insurance money. I'll post how much they charge me to install the NEMA 14-50 outlet beside my breaker box when the work is complete.
Happy driving!

ODWms | January 6, 2019

I Installed my own NEMA 15-50 setup in my garage, right below my 200 amp service panel. But you're right. It is infinitely better to have a professional do it if you're not familiar. Saving a few hundred dollars isn't worth it just to take chances.

maki808 | January 6, 2019

In California it cost around $1700 to $4000 for an electrician to install it. If you install it yourself, it will cost you about $80 for the parts. Just youtube how to install it and follow the directions.

nineteenelevenfan | January 6, 2019

I was thinking about heading down the Wall Connector path as well. That was until I got quotes for the work. Was working with Tesla Solar (key was being "was") and thought they could drop in a Nema 14-50 (at my additional cost) when doing the solar electrical/panel work, but apparently the solar folks aren't qualified/certified to install a 14-50 (also made me rethink my solar decision), so I found Wall Connector electrician referrals on Tesla's site.

Reached out to a few...and was BLOWN away by quotes, each one seeming to get progressively higher. A complete WC install (assuming they were providing the WC at this price) was just over $3,200. I was planning on picking up a WC from CL for ~1/2 off list and thinking about just adding a 14-50 to the garage. A Tesla electrician referral wanted over $1,200 for that.

I think once an electrician hears "Tesla", the cash register bells start ringing. Simple solution. Reach out to Angie's List, submit a request for electrical work (detail to add 14-50 outlet for Mig welder) and you'll see the cost hover just over $300 in the CA bay area.

I like the flexibility of having a 14-50 (vs hard wired WC) that I can plug a WC (with a bottom fed 14-50 male pig tail) or just the MCU. ~30 mi/hr is plenty for my needs and the MCU is less bulky (and no dip switches or AMP dial to worry about).

shawncordell | January 6, 2019

@alex53miller, the video below is what helped me:

ODWms | January 7, 2019

I’m sure there are some folks who have a real need for the wall charger, but for 90% of Tesla owners 14-50 outlet is the way to go. I plug in in the evening, and it finishes charging sometime during the night. For most of us, whether it finishes at 3:30 am or 5:45 am isn’t worth the $500 difference in cost. We’re asleep either way.

JFlatsModel3Guy | January 12, 2019

I am in NJ. I had an electrician install the wall connector. He charged $630 for a dedicated 60 amp line from the main panel to my garage, which needed about 75 feet of run of 6 gauge by 2 line wire. It would have been $430 if I ran the 60 amp off of a 100 amp sub panel that was right near my garage. He recommended the dedicated line. It took about 4 hours to install. Add about $50 for a permit which I would need if I did it myself.

As far as comparing a $500 Tesla wall connector to a 14-50, I went with the Tesla connector because I figured if I charge every two days and I have the car 5 years, that will be 900 times I would have take out and put back my power cord. The Tesla connector is right there and more convenient. If you buy an additional cord that's $300, so you might as well go $200 more for the connector. Also, I think the Tesla connector provides added line conditioning and surge protection. The faster charging time is icing on the cake.

Lonestar10_1999 | January 12, 2019

I went with the 14-50 outlet over the Tesla wall connector. My reasoning was similar to @JFlats but I reached the opposite conclusion. I figured both options would meet my M3 needs but the 14-50 had a lower initial cost. Not only that, the 14-50 is a general purpose outlet that any brand of EV could use. The Tesla wall connector is proprietary. When its time to sell my house, I plan on describing my house as EV-ready.

jimglas | January 12, 2019

had my new HPWC installed, it was about $500 to install about 15 feet from my box

wulfgang | January 12, 2019

My breaker is on the other side of my garage so I just drilled a hole and ran a wire to an outlet I installed. $50.

niniliu1211 | January 12, 2019

run 6 gauge wires to NEMA 14-50. It is up-gradable to HPWC. Best of both worlds.

rs1992a | February 19, 2019

Please tell me of a nyc electrician. Getting quoted $450 plus $15/foot. Look at 20-30 feet at the moment. Total of 750-900$ for a 14-50 installation!

bruhling2 | February 19, 2019

I’ve been gathering quotes and am discouraged by the cost. Quotes coming in for installation of 60 Amp circuit with about 35’ run to a post by my driveway are running about $3600...

I am in Northern Virginia.

PECo CT | February 19, 2019

NoVa is always expensive.

foodking | February 19, 2019

What county in nova? loudon allows you to install your own. I got a quote for ~85' horizontal run for $900. Spent half that on materials and building permit. Took about half a week of pulling cable and home depot runs.

EVRider | February 19, 2019

My electrician only charged me $250 to install a 100A circuit and wall connector, in south FL. Apparently I got a great deal. He was going to charge $325 but he gave me a discount because he cracked the face plate of the wall connector while installing it (not an issue because it’s in my garage).

bruhling2 | February 19, 2019

@foodking - I am in Fairfax County (Mt. Vernon area)...

I've gotten mixed answers whether I need a permit, but three installation quotes are all in the same ballpark... I'm thinking I need to ask a non-Tesla recommended installer...

tanya | February 19, 2019

Most electrical work in south FL requires permits. Did the cost include the permit? Was it a licensed electrician? I'm looking for one right now.

maki808 | February 20, 2019

Depends on where you live. In the Bay Area it can cost from 800 to 3400. If you do it yourself less than $100 and about 3 hrs of your time. Use youtube for reference. I ended up doing it myself and had no problems...been almost a year now.

foodking | February 20, 2019


You can call the fairfax county permit office for specifics, 703-222-0801. They should be able to tell you if you need a permit, how to obtain one and all that. You can check out their website

In loudon, permit was $80, which includes the cost of inspection.

EVRider | February 20, 2019

@tanya: My electrician is licensed, but he didn't pull a permit for this job (Palm Beach County). He's done other work for me in the past, including installing my previous charging unit (Siemens VersiCharge EVSE) and a transfer circuit for a portable generator. I don't know if he was supposed to pull a permit, but I trust his work.

Are you in the PBC area?