Cost of solar..... WOW

Cost of solar..... WOW

I knew the cost of solar would keep falling but a grid-tied inverter for $0.129/w??? With panel prices projected to drop below $0.50/w; $1.00/w for solar by 2020 appears very realistic. Certainly bodes well for solar powering all SCs in a few years :)

GeekEV | July 30, 2013

By watching sales, I've managed to get $1.36/watt (panel + microinverter)...

asterhuj | July 31, 2013

It is good post hope beneficial for all.

Sevenfeet | July 31, 2013

It's more complicated than just the price of panels. The subsidy from the power companies figures greatly into the ROI for grid-tied installations. And there is now growing resistance from the power companies themselves.

Even right now, it seems like the ROI on solar for residential is at least a decade.. Phasing out of the energy buy-back subsidy will make it a lot worse.

Ocean Railroader | July 31, 2013

Dominion Virginia Power is adding a $10.00 a month grid service fee to solar systems to solar systems 10 kilowatts or more. They say it's to pay for grid stabilization services but I think they are going to phase it in into smaller solar systems over time.

nwdiver93 | August 1, 2013


The ROI for solar varies widely depending on where you live; Pre-subsidy the ROI for my house in Bremerton, Wa is ~10 years; for Eunice, NM it's ~ 6 years.

The cost of solar is falling faster that I think anyone would have projected even 3 years ago. By 2020 the Balance of System will probably look something like this...

Panels: ~$0.30/w
Inverter: ~$0.10/w
Mounting: ~$0.20/w
Labour: ~$0.50/w

Solar @ ~$1/w installed will change the world...