Cost to Supercharge (if other than Tesla)

Cost to Supercharge (if other than Tesla)

Can anyone tell me what it would cost to SC in the real world? I mean if there were SC's provided by other entities (gas - oops - service stations, fast food providers, or just any establishment). I just want cost to charge - not to install. Electric prices vary, but for businesses it is fairly consistent.
So, I pull up to a Lowes, plug in to the SC, go inside to shop, come out a short time later. What would Lowes have to pay for that? Let's leave solar out of the equation.

BTW, I love that there is an SC halfway to work - commute about 65 miles one way. At first it was used every couple days, but now we charge almost exclusively at home. Use the SC when work requires a 120 mile one way commute ( overnight). Still, it's nice to know it's there if needed. We are saving so much not buying gas. Previous gas was about $550 month. Now about $75 month - still have to feed our ICE (these are Calif numbers, so higher than most). Installing Solar this week, hope to see what real savings we will experience. Right now our electric jumped about $60 - but too little data to mean anything.

stevenmaifert | June 23, 2013

I visited a military post exchange installation recently that was not recovering the cost to install, just to charge. They were charging .45/kWh.

hsadler | June 23, 2013

Just curious about the feasibility of others providing Tesla SuperChargers..... assuming someday Tesla may license to others.

olanmills | June 23, 2013

Well as far as I know, most utilities bill by kWh, but not by how much time it takes. e.g. Using 10 kWh in 1 hour costs the same as using 10 kWh in two hours, it would cost the same. Utilities can bill different rates at different times of the day, though.

So in other words, unless you are trying to factor in the cost of construction, rent, maintenance, etc, charging at a supercharger wouldn't cost any more than charging at a regular outlet, unless superchargers are signifcantly more or less efficient than the regular outlet charging.

So I guess if you want to figure out a ballpark of what it costs, find out what local businesses pay per kWh.

Brian H | June 23, 2013

Providing the high-power utility feed is a major "barrier to entry" for private use.