A couple of observations from a new owner ...

A couple of observations from a new owner ...

Love the car ... everyone should have one! Actually, we need two as my wife loves to drive the car.

Many innovations were thought of ... but there are a few "you have got to be kidding me" elements about my Model S p85:
(1) No parking sensors - the car is wide and I share a garage with my wife ... really? No parking sensors on a >$100k car?
(2) Automated steering wheel adjustment in park - I am big (6'4" with a 37" inseam). Great room, but have issues getting in and out of my car as the wheel does not get out of the way.
(3) 3G ... the coverage is really bad and 4G LTE should be the standard

The first two are basics for any luxury car and most $40k cars even have them. I would be willing to replace anything in my car if I could get these simple additions.

garcilamd | July 17, 2013

Regarding number 2, I wonder if you adjust the wheel after parking and also in drive if it will allow you to save it to your profile and switch between the two when changing the gears. This is how the mirror tilt works when you put it in reverse. Worth a try.

Regarding the 3G, unfortunately all signals will vary according to region. That sucks and I'm sorry to hear that. Hopefully the phone tether feature (when released) will the solve the issue for you. The delivery specialist hinted that I would have the free 3G for only a few more months so we'll see.

Kleist | July 17, 2013

Marcus - the luxury and pampering is the drive train... no ICE at any price comes even close. The rest are gadgets.
TM ran out of money and even a simple integration like parking sensors takes time and money. So here is your choice (a) having Model S without parking sensors or (b) never having a Model S produced with parking sensors. So everybody has to make a choice: do I want the car now or do I wait until the xyz feature I think is important comes with the car. You and I made the conscious decision to buy the car without parking sensor... so why complain about it now ? Waste of time, instead enjoy the ride.

cloroxbb | July 17, 2013

1. Are you not confident in your manuvering abilities or just want them because other cars have them?

2. I have read numerous complaints on that one, is the steering wheel adjustible electronically? If so, then i would imagine it could be included in an update.

3. Wifi is supposed to be enabled soon, which would also enable use of tethering to your phone to take advantage of LTE.

SamO | July 17, 2013

I'm hoping that since I order TECH that the parking sensor suite that is being installed for the EU models, will be available as an add-on or retrofit sometime in the future.

TikiMan | July 17, 2013

I said the same thing about my last luxury ICE car... "What??? You mean I have to put expensive gasoline in this slow piece of crap!!!!"

But seriously...

-Tesla has already stated that they will be adding the sensors on future versions of the MS.

-The steering wheel / seat adjustment could just be a future software upgrade (all the mechanical components are already in). Give um time.

-4G LTE is already on it's way, and should be just a minor upgrade.

Remember, no one said the current MS has everything yet, and when I bought mine, it didn't even have automated voice-command (now it does). If Tesla built the MS with everything already perfect, the vehicle would have ended up costing $350k, and it wouldn't have hit the market until 2016. On the flip side, at least some of these 'upgrades' are easy to add to our existing vehicles, where by, I highly doubt any existing Ferrari, Lambo, Bugatti, et al owner will EVER get a 4G LIT upgrade, much less a 17" touch-screen with integrated nav w/ Google maps. Never mind, their owners paid as much as $400k for an exotic that the gets spanked off the line by a P85.

David Trushin | July 17, 2013

I think i would find the auto adjustment of the steering wheel on park quite annoying. However, i set up an exit profile, like i have on my ICE and it sends the seat back and down, steering wheel up and away, and it works just fine

jbunn | July 17, 2013

Regarding 2), create a profile called Exit. When you park, hit the drivers profile for exit. When back in, choose your profile. My wife is tiny, but she remembers to hit my profile when getting out for the day. Keeps me from racking myself when I get in the car after she's driven.

Regarding 3), depends on where you live. I'm on the west coast and 3G is rock solid. Some providers are still rolling out 4GLTE. Obviously, the hope is there is a socket that supports the cellular provider cards and is forward upgradeable.